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The Dirt on Clean Bedding

Pacific Coast® Bedding is the leading manufacturer of down and feather products for over 127 years. We have been providing the best night’s sleep in millions of bedrooms and hotels around the world. 


Our brand has stood the test of time because we stand behind the quality of our products.
All our bedding come with a limited warranty that warrants against manufacturer defect.  In addition, all the down and feather used in our products go through a process we call Hyperclean®.  We believe in this process so much that we also back our product with our allergy free warranty. 


Hyperclean® Story

For years, many people thought down and feather fill caused allergies.  Consumers shied away from naturally organic fill used in bedding products. In reality, allergies were due to dirt left from poor processing of the down and feather. 

Before arriving at our cleaning facility, the down and feather is tested in the United States by a team of people to ensure the fill meet our strict standards. Next the fill is sorted making sure there are no foreign objects.  The fill is then placed into large washers, beginning of the Hyperclean® process.  The down and feather is washed and put into large drying bins and blown dry.  The process is repeated eight times ensuring the dust, dander and dirt, and other impurities are removed.  The down and feather is inspected again and, if it passes, it is bundled for manufacturing. 

Sorting Machine at Pacific Coast Bedding Plant
Sorting Machine at Pacific Coast Bedding Plant


Allergy Concerns

To test the longevity of the Hyperclean® process, Pacific Coast Bedding funded a study at John Hopkins University.  The fill was washed using this Hyperclean® process. Once the fill was cleaned it was put into a mite infested room.  The purpose was to see how long our down and feathers would stay dust mite free. The result was that our Hyperclean® washed fill tended to remain free of dust mites for up to 90 days.  Not only does the Hyperclean® process remove allergen causing elements but it also deters new allergens from entering the product for up to three months!

Allergies from dust mites, dirt and dust happen over time.  As pioneers in the natural fill business and the need for dust mite prevention after 90 days, our solution was our exclusive AllerRest® fabric.  The protection isn’t a chemical treatment; it’s built right in.  The AllerRest® fabric is our 100% cotton fabric that is so tightly woven that it creates a barrier keeping dust mites and allergens out. 

You can keep your bedding dust mite free with AllerRest® protectors or AllerRest® specific products like the Double DownAround® Pillow with AllerRest®, AllerRest® All Down Pillow, Children’s AllerRest® Pillow, AllerRest® Comforter and Down Blanket.

Washers and Dryers at Pacific Coast Bedding Plant
Washers and Dryers at Pacific Coast Bedding Plant


Trusted Quality Bedding

Our bedding stands for quality. We take extra steps in providing the cleanest fill for healthy sleep and provide products that help keep your bedding free from allergy causing pests, like dust mites. We are confident in our products which is why we offer our allergy free warranty and our 30 night comfort guarantee. We encourage you to try our bedding for 30 nights and if you aren’t satisfied simply return it.


Our business is making sure your bedding in luxurious to help you sleep better or email customer service at for questions or to assist you in finding the best bedding for you.