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Back, Stomach and Side Sleeper Pillow Sleep Position Guide

Side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper: your sleep posture is as much a part of you as your personality. And while your style of snoozing may change over time - on your stomach as a kid, flipping to your side after you get married - it's definitely not something you feel you have control over. What's comfortable is comfortable, right?

That's why it's important to find the right down pillows to match your sleep position, whichever phase you're in. Keeping your head, neck, and spine aligned means you wake up feeling rested - and without any aches and pains.


An Introduction to Down Pillows and Sleep Position

Soft Support Pillow/ Stomach Sleeper Pillow


  • Soft support down pillows are the ideal pillows for stomach sleeping. Sleeping on your stomach increases pressure on the neck and spine which are being twisted and bent backwards the whole night. Only soft support pillows allow your head to sink down comfortably and keep your back healthy while sleeping.

Medium Support Pillow/ Back Sleeper Pillow


  • The best pillows for back sleeping are those with medium support. These will mold to your body's form and fill the space between your head and the mattress, keeping your neck inline no matter where you roll. Look for a pillow that combines fluffy down feathers in its core so the weight of your head doesn't squish the pillow too flat.

Firm Support Pillow/ Side Sleeper Pillow


  • Firm support pillows are the best pillows for side sleeping - especially if you're sleeping on a firm mattress - and for those just looking for some extra support.