Embrace™ Comforter


Embrace™ Comforter
This ingenious, two-sleeper design was created to help manage body warmth so each person enjoys a personalized sleeping environment. Instead of being too warm or too cold, you’ll be just right under your personal warmth canopy.


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Embrace™ Comforter

What Our Customers Are Saying

It does work for two people....drapes over the body. Not too hot or too cold. Not too heavy. Good Housekeeping was right about this one.

Tigger17, Michigan

Embrace™ Comforter

Sleep together peacefully while still enjoying the luxury of cocooning in your own personalized sleeping environment. Our Embrace® Down Comforter is an ingenious two-sleeper design that works to manage the body warmth of each sleeper without disturbing the other. Drafty repositioning and higher body temperatures will no longer be an issue when you are sleeping happily under your own personal warmth canopy.


The fabric covering this 550 fill power Hyperclean® down comforter is 300 thread count, 100% cotton. It’s trimmed with attractive navy blue cording. Finally, enjoy the sewn through box construction and Comfort Lock® no-shift border that keeps the down evenly distributed over your body with the fluffiest down on top. It's a great night's sleep times two!


Keep your comforter clean with a duvet cover or comforter protector. This comforter fits in the Basic or AllerRest® comforter protectors.

Pacific Coast® Down

Pacific Coast Down Down is the soft insulating material found on the breast of geese and ducks. Unlike feathers that have a quill, downhas no hard elements. Considered one of Mother Nature's best insulators, a down cluster is a light and fluffy three dimensional spherical puff with multiple filaments that expand to trap air - giving down bedding its signature loft and cozy, embracing warmth.

When used in comforters, down allows air to circulate around you contributing to a comfortable environment and deep, sound sleep. When used in pillows, down provides soft, adjustable comfort that conforms to your changing sleep positions.

Pacific Coast® down is carefully sorted and selected to ensure that only the fluffiest clusters are used.

Double Dome Design

Double Dome DesignOur Embrace Down Comforter is an ingenious two-sleeper design made to preserve the body warmth of each sleeper.

With two people sharing the same bed, sleep can be disturbed when one person repositions during the night or tends to have a higher body temperature than the other. Our double dome design has extra down fill and fabric in the center of the comforter allowing it to drape completely over each individual sleeper so that drafty repositioning and higher body temperatures are no longer an issue.

Barrier Weave® 100% Cotton

Barrier Weave FabricOur bedding products are made with a unique, tightly woven fabric weave that is specially finished to keep the down and feathers from sneaking through the fabric.  This leak proof fabric is finer, softer and more durable for lasting comfort and easy care.

Comfort Lock® Border

Comfort Lock BorderThis Pacific Coast® comforter features our distinctive Comfort Lock® three-sided border system designed to hold the down in the center, over your sleep area instead of shifting to the bottom and edges. Evenly spaced cross stitches within the border work to keep the down in place giving the border its fluffy, well-filled look. Instead of wasting down on the sides and bottom of your bedding like ordinary comforters, Comfort Lock® allows us to use the down much more efficiently to provide you with cozy warmth.


"Best in Down Comforters"" - Good Housekeeping™

US Patent No. 7,647,657

Canadian Patent No. 2,620,502


Year round comfort for a wide range of climates

Ideal for those who sleep at an average room temperature


Embrace design for personal warmth

Sewn through box construction

Comfort Lock® no shift border

Navy blue corded trim

Regular sized (see dimensions)


300 Thread count, 100% cotton

Barrier Weave® down proof fabric


550 Fill power

Hyperclean® down

Fluffy for Life™


Twin: 64" x 86"

Queen: 88" x 90"

King: 104" x 86"


30 Night Comfort Guarantee

Allergy Free Limited

Warranty 10 Year Limited Warranty


Dry clean or professionally launder

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