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Prestige Pillow Bed Pillows

The ultimate in luxury! Large white goose down clusters combined with our highest thread count of silky Egyptian cotton gives you a pillow that is pure indulgence!  Pamper yourself beyond belief with this high loft pillow that’s incredibly fluffy and sumptuous.


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Prestige Pillow Bed Pillows

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is the perfect pillow. Comfortable in pretty much any sleeping position. Worth the premium price to have a pillow that adapts as your sleeping position does, and is both well-built and super comfortable.

Scooby, Washington

Prestige Pillow

Prepare yourself to experience pure pillow bliss on our super luxe Prestige Pillow. We’ve unlocked our linen treasury to create the very best pillow using a 700 fill power of our finest Hyperclean® white goose down with all the silky softness we could fit into the long wearing, 1000 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton.


A 2” gusset or fabric ribbon around the perimeter of this glorious pillow, along with the patented pleating in the SuperLoft™ corner construction continues the luxury by creating extra room for exceptional loft.  The Prestige Pillow would not be complete without our signature navy blue printed cording and our easy care, machine washable feature. Consider yourself perfectly spoiled.



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Gusset Edge Design

Gusset Edge DesignOur gusseted pillow and feather bed designs are made by sewing a small strip of fabric -- 1/2 to 3 inches wide -- between the top and bottom cover of the product. This fabric insert allows our down and feather fill unrestricted space right to the edge of the pillow or feather bed.

Gusseted pillows are especially comfortable for side sleepers as the shape fills in at the space between your head and shoulder supporting the proper alignment of your spine. With our feather beds, the gusseted edge delivers night-long support to the very edge of the bed.

Pacific Coast® Down

Pacific Coast® DownDown is the soft insulating material found on the breast of geese and ducks. Unlike feathers that have a quill, down has no hard elements. Considered one of Mother Nature's best insulators, a down cluster is a light and fluffy three dimensional spherical puff with multiple filaments that expand to trap air - giving down bedding its signature loft and cozy, embracing warmth.

When used in comforters, down allows air to circulate around you contributing to a comfortable environment and deep, sound sleep.

When used in pillows, down provides soft, adjustable comfort that conforms to your changing sleep positions Pacific Coast® down is carefully sorted and selected to ensure that only the fluffiest clusters are used.

SuperLoft™ Design

Our patented SuperLoft™ design combined with a 2 inch gusset makes this pillow our loftiest style with a luxurious, high sink experience. Meticulous pleating in the corners of the pillow open up to provide more room within for the down clusters to fully fluff and expand.

Barrier Weave® 100% Cotton

Barrier Weave100% CottonOur bedding products are made with a unique, tightly woven fabric weave that is specially finished to keep the down and feathers from sneaking through the fabric.  This leak proof fabric is finer, softer and more durable for lasting comfort and easy care.

100% Egyptian Cotton

100% Egyptian CottonEgyptian cotton fabrics are considered to be the gold standard in high quality bedding. Woven from extra long staple fibers, they can to be spun into very fine yarns that are soft and lustrous yet strong and durable. With a long life and luxurious feel, Egyptian cotton is a perfect match for our premium pillows and comforters.


US Patent No. 6,760,935


2" Gusset design
Navy blue printed cording
Read about design types


1000 Thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton
Barrier Weave® down proof fabric


700 Fill power Hyperclean® White Goose Down
Fluffy for Life™


Standard: 17" x 23" x 2"
Queen: 17" x 27" x 2"
King: 17" x 33" x 2"


30 Night Comfort Guarantee
Allergy Free Limited Warranty
5 Year Limited Warranty


Machine wash and dry