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20% Off Specialty Comforters

If your comforter seems too small for two people to share, Pacific Coast® offers the best two-sleeper solutions in the market today. Our extra wide comforters provide couples with more than enough fabric to share.
Grand Comforter

Grand Comforters

Extra coverage, 20% wider for more drape. Comfort Lock® border keeps down on top.
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Year Round Warmth Comforter

Embrace® Comforters

"Best in Down Comforters" - Good Housekeeping. Individualized warmth, two sleepers.
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CuddleTop Comforter

CuddleTop Comforters

More draping fabric and down at the top for warmth on shoulders. Year round warmth.
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Lunesse Batiste Comforter

Lunesse Batiste

30% lighter Batiste fabric down comforter. Year round warmth, sewn through design.
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