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Kids Bedding Means a Good Night’s Sleep

Kids need sleep. Starting as newborns, babies require 15-16 hours of sleep a day. As kids grow, they still require between 9 to 12 hours of sleep night, depending on their age. Making your kid’s bedroom comfortable and cozy will help them achieve optimal sleep. After all, when kids sleep well so do their parents, making every day smoother and happier for the entire family!


Kids Bedding Brings Comfort

Enjoy the day by taking back the night and send your kids off to the land of Z's with cozy kids bedding. Pacific Coast® offers the most comfortable kids bedding available, allowing your little ones to sleep soundly through the night without interruptions. Designed for children ages 2-12, our kid's down pillow is stuffed with the perfect amount of Hyperclean® feathers to support young necks and spines in any sleeping position. Pacific Coast® Bedding also carries a large selection of twin-sized down blankets and comforters, perfect for a kid’s bed. For young children, Pacific Coast® recommends our Classic Down Comforter.  Additionally, the twin size 63" x 86" is perfect for a kid's first bed.

Dependable Kids Comforters

Let’s face it kids are not concerned with the longevity their luxury bedding but we know you are. With Pacific Coast® products you won’t have to worry about durability. Our pillows feature specially woven Barrier Weave® that won't allow the down to escape, ensuring optimal fluffiness for years. Pacific Coast® pillows are also machine wash and dryable. You won't lose any sleep figuring out how to clean up after spills or accidents. We make it easy for you to try our products with our legendary five year allergy-free warranty and 30-night comfort guarantee. Once you try our products, you'll know you have the best kids bedding available.

Comfort Guaranteed, Customer Approved

Pacific Coast® Bedding offers 30-night comfort guarantee so it’s really easy to try a duvet. Read what a couple of our customers have to say:


KatherineFromCanada: Great for my toddler. Purchased this for my son (2 1/2 years old) about a month ago and it was perfect for him. We didn't want too firm of a pillow and was looking for either a feather or down pillow. This pillow was exactly what we where looking for, it is a softer pillow but it worked well since as he slept it would shape to his head.

Kate from New Hampshire: Great first pillow for toddlers. Was referred to this brand by my sister who got these also for her kids when they were ready to sleep on a pillow. They stay nice and cool and are just plush enough. Good size for a toddler. We love them.