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3 Exciting Bedroom Decoration Themes Inspired by Children’s Books

One of the perks of parenthood, for the decorating-minded parent, is making your child’s room his or her ideal sanctuary.  A fun way to create an exciting space for your child that will feel cozy and familiar is to gather inspiration from the imagined and illustrated pages of children’s books.  Whether your child’s tastes lean toward jungle adventure or towards cityscape chic, there’s inspiration in these beloved story-time classics.  Decorating with imagery from these books can also reinforce your child’s love for reading and foster an atmosphere of creativity. 

Below we take a peek inside several bedrooms that were inspired from the pages of children’s literature. 


Alice in Wonderland


Help your child to imagine “as many as six impossible things before breakfast” every day of the week, try an Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom.  These images celebrate the whimsy of wonderland where tea-parties, mad hatters and white rabbits abound!  One way to make your child’s bedroom Alice’s place of wonder is to paint a wall mural of White Rabbit, as well as a soft, classical bedroom reminiscent of Alice’s Victorian home.



Another idea is to frame some of Sir John Tenniel’s lovely illustrations from the book and place on a bookshelf or a desk.  You can make this a family project by having your children pick the illustrations as you read the books together.  Choose whimsical frames to offset the stark black and white drawings.



If you are too busy to paint or stencil a favorite scene onto the wall, choose from a huge number of Alice in Wonderland themed decals that are easy to put on any wall.



Image by Flickr user Scott Woods-Fehr, used under Creative Commons license.

Where the Wild Things Are

You know your wild things know how to rumpus, so why not give them the right backdrop?  Stencil a reproduction of a sleeping Wild Thing complete with terrible claws and teeth.  If you don’t have time or crafting skills, here are some other ideas to decorate your child’s room in style:

  • Consider adding a few small, yet wild touches with some Sendak-inspired light switch plates.

  • Use the illustrations to guide your choice of color.  The Wild Things’ jungle is made up of rich greens, while the choppy ocean that Max travels across is a contemplative dark blue.  Any of these colors alone might be too foreboding, but never doubt the power of an accent wall to evoke wildness. 





Eloise at the Plaza

While not everyone can cough up the cost for a night in Betsey Johnson’s Eloise-themed suite at The Plaza, anyone can look at the gallery of photos for bedroom decorating inspiration.  It’s pink!

Everywhere there is pink, from the wall to the runner to the pillow and the lamp, which is offset with some snazzy zebra carpeting.  Original Eloise prints line the wall, making it a true haven for the Eloise devotee.  You can save The Plaza’s hefty price tag room and by taking a fashion lesson from in between the pages of Eloise by pairing the unlikely combinations of floral patterns with a wild carpet.

If your young bibliophile can part with a few pages of her Eloise book, select some favorite images from the book, framed and mounted on the wall.

Eloise is known for her love of black, white and of course bubble gum pink.  Don’t be afraid to add stripes and polka dots among the pink to make your girl’s room stand out.