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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

It's easy to transform your actual bed — new sheets, new pillows, super comfortable comforter. But your entire bedroom? Transforming the confines of your bedroom is a lot more challenging, especially on a budget. If you feel your bedroom has become dull, these tips should help get you get it out of its rut.

Transform your bedroom with great lighting

Colors and lighting, of course!

First and foremost, colors and lighting can drastically change the look of any room. Just look at the example above, and see how lighting can completely change a room's mood. Look for unique lamps and even sconces to turn your bedroom into a romantic hideaway.


A new alarm clock, a new stereo, an entirely new sound system for your relaxation sounds white noise machine — all of these can help in the transformation of your bedroom. Have you ever tried a CD full of nature sounds? This is the type of thing that can turn your bedroom into a tranquil place of relaxation.


Giving your bedroom a breath of fresh air is sure to have you feeling differently about your bedroom. From light incense to oils to flowers, a great smelling room can change the mood.

Headboard heaven

Whether it's a floating headboard or an inspirational headboard design you found on Pinterest, it's easy to make the perfect headboard for your room.

Standout pieces

There are more standout pieces besides the headboard that you can use as a focal point in your bedroom. Look for an antique armoire for a romantic feel, that could also conceal a television. If you have a large bedroom, add a couple of chairs and a small table. It could be the perfect private nook for reading the Sunday paper or doing a crossword puzzle.