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10 Holiday Gifts to Impress Your In-Laws

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Finding the right gift can be difficult – especially when it comes your the in laws. You don’t want to get them something generic and you don't want offend them with something too personal. Things like "The Sock of the Month Club" isn’t going to win anyone any brownie points, and giving your mother-in-law the basics of cooking may not get you invited back. So, what do you do?

Here are some unique gift ideas that are sure to please even the most discerning in-law.


1. Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet

Everyone does it. We leave the house and forget to turn off the lights or wonder if we left the curling iron on. The Simple Touch outlet eliminates those worries. It has a built-in timer that will turn off any electronic device after an hour. Kids are notorious for leaving everything on, so send a few Simple Touch Outlets with the kids during visits to Grandma and Grandpa’s to save them both electricity and sanity.

2. Pillow Fixer

The Pillow Fixer will ensure a good night’s sleep no matter where you are. The quilted slip cover is filled with down to plump up even the saddest of hotel pillows. Great for use at home and while travelling. Earn some extra points by including a note inviting them for an overnight visit.

3. Edward Curtis Print

A welcome addition to any home, these one of a kind pictures are definitely a conversation starter. Edward Curtis is famous for taking striking portraits of Native Americans and reservation life. These sepia-toned photographs provide a unique glimpse into our nation’s history, capturing the spirit of Native American life in the 1800’s.

4. Family Tree Metal Picture Frame

For the in-laws who like to show off, the Family Tree provides a subtle focal point for bragging about the grandkids. At over three feet wide, there is plenty of space for graduation photos, first place finishes, and new family members.

5. Best Fit Sheet Set

Gone are those awkward nights spent trying to get the fitted sheet back over the corner. With patented Sure Hold® end panels, these super soft 500 thread count sheets will make it hard to get out of bed.

6. Bookends

The invisible bookend by Paul Cocksedge is part art, part tool. The bookend holds more than five feet of books of all shapes and sizes – you just can’t see it. In a perpetual state of falling, the pieces will get more than a few double takes. Also, it goes great with any copy of The Invisible Man!

7. Coffee Table Book

With a wide variety of topics and styles, coffee table books are a great way to capitalize on any of the interests your in-laws may have. For the geography lover, consider Frank Jacobs’ Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities- it’s a compilation of maps that range from odd to extraordinary.

8. Down Blankets

Help your in-laws cozy up while enjoying their new book with one of these comfy down blankets. These versatile cotton blankets are great for snuggling both inside and on the porch. Available in four great colors, there’s sure to be one to match your décor.

9. Switch Entry Caddy

For the minimalist in-laws, the switch entry caddy makes big use of small space. By fitting over an existing light switch, it provides hooks for keys and a slot for mail or a wallet. It’s great for apartment living, or the person who never puts anything in the same spot twice.

10. Seda France Candle

If your in-laws are still proving too difficult to shop for, never fear! Candles may seem generic, but the Seda France Classic Toile Pagoda Box Candles are far from ordinary. Known for their impressive packaging, Seda France offers long burning candles in fragrances ranging from familiar to exotic. 


Happy Holidays from everyone at Pacific Coast® Bedding.