Enjoy the Five-star Treatment at Home with a Hotel Pillows

Hotel Pillows Bliss

Soft yet supportive, cotton yet silky, comfortable yet luxurious— these are the qualities of hotel bedding from Pacific Coast®. As a leading supplier of superior bed linens Pacific Coast® pillows and pillow protectors to featherbeds, comforters and sheets are all five-star! We supply hotel pillow to many hotels around the world. Indeed, such are the excellent qualities of the range of hotel pillows available from Pacific Coast that reputable hotels, motels and inns in the United States are buying these items for their guests!


There’s no need to wait for check-in to these hospitality establishments when you can enjoy hotel-quality pillows in the comfort of your own bedroom. Made from 100% high-thread cotton and layered with fluffy high-fill hypoallergenic down, these pillows are the best place to rest your weary head on, enjoy a good night’s sleep, and wake up to a great day!


Choose from four hotel pillows with each one just as good as the others. Your choice in a hotel pillow will ultimately depend on your personal preference in terms of size, softness, and support, perhaps even price.


Down Surround Hotel Pillows

Think of it as pillow within a pillow, as being asleep in the arms of your beloved while surrounded by the softest of clouds. The Down Surround Pillow has an inner chamber filled with small feathers and then surrounded by the best down material in the market. The down and feathers used have been processed using Hyperclean technology wherein these materials are cleaned at least 8 times for superior quality.


Your head and neck will be amply-supported by this flatter and softer medium-support pillow, thus, resulting in great sleep every night regardless of your favored sleeping position. You will also love the feel of the 100% 230-thread fabric on your skin.


Hotel Collection Touch of Down Pillows

Yet another excellent Pacific Coast® hotel pillow is the Touch of Down. Like the Down Surround Pillow, it features an innovative pillow-in-a-pillow design that provides durable yet comfortable support for your head and neck for all sleeping positions.


The difference is that the Touch of Down provides medium to firmer support — firmer than the Down Surround Pillow. In other words, because of its higher content of feathers in the inner chamber and down in the outer chamber. You will definitely feel the difference as soon as your head hits the pillow.


Hotel Collection Symmetry Pillow

Many individuals prefer an equal amount of down and feathers in their pillows and the Symmetry® Pillow from Pacific Coast® Bedding perfectly addresses such preference. Made from 50% down for soft fluffiness and 50% feather for firm support, you will find that this hotel pillow is, indeed, a valued companion as you transition from wakefulness to dreamland.


Your love of all things traditional will also find an answer with the Symmetry Pillow while its 100% 230-thread count cover coupled with the hypoallergenic down and feather will appeal to your love for all things modern.


Hotel White Goose Down Luxury Pillow

For softer hotel pillows, your best choice is the White Goose Down Pillow that provides for soft to medium support for all sleeping positions. You will appreciate the 550 fill power of hypoallergenic down material coupled with the 100% high-thread count and down proof fabric cover.


Truly, a five-star sleep experience is just one Pacific Coast® hotel pillow away!