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AllerRest Fabric

Allergies can ruin what was supposed to be a restful and relaxing sleep. The AllerRest® fabric used Pacific Coast® allergy blankets and allergy comforters provide effective allergen and dust mite protection for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
AllerRest Comforter

AllerRest® Comforters

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AllerRest Fabric® blocks dust mites and allergens. Sewn box design. Navy blue trim.
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AllerRest Down Blankets

AllerRest® Down Blankets

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Down blanket has AllerRest Fabric® to keep dust mites out. Sewn through box design.
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Comforter Sets | Bedding Sets

AllerRest® Pillow
& Comforter Set

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The AllerRest® Pillow & Comforter Set is the ultimate in allergy-free down comfort and luxury.
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