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AllerRest Comforter

AllerRest® Comforters

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AllerRest Fabric® blocks dust mites and allergens. Sewn box design. Navy blue trim.
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CuddleTop Comforter

CuddleTop Comforters

More draping fabric and down at the top for warmth on shoulders. Year round warmth.
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Deluxe Oversized Comforters

Deluxe Oversized

Ultra fluffy baffle box design, 500 thread count down comforter. Year round warmth.
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Lunesse Batiste Comforter

Lunesse Batiste

30% lighter Batiste fabric down comforter. Year round warmth, sewn through design.
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Stratus Comforter

Stratus® Comforters

Patented four-sided pleats in every box for extra loft. Sewn through box design.
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Luxury Comforter

Luxury Comforters

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Rated "Best Mid-Weight Comforter" by Real Simple®. 700 fill power white goose down.
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Hotel Down Comforters

Hotel Down Comforters

Luxurious down comforter, ideal for year round use. Sewn through no-shift design.
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Hotel White Goose Down Comforter

Hotel White Goose Down Comforters

Featured in premier hotels. Luxurious 600 fill power white goose down comforter.
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