Side by Side® Medium Pillow


Side by Side Medium Pillow Bed Pillows

Two internal feather filled pillows run top to bottom holding fill in place. Inside an outer pillow of fluffy down they eliminate side to side shifting and providing  medium  support as you reposition during the night.


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Item: #MV-25684

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Side by Side Medium Pillow Bed Pillows

What Our Customers Are Saying

I think the quality and comfort of this pillow is outstanding. I shift from side, back and stomach sleeping throughout the night, and the pillow appears to have the perfect firmness to keep me sleeping in all positions. Best pillow I've had in years!

Rif66, New Jersey

Side by Side® Medium Pillow

Our Side by Side Medium support pillow is an ingenious design for side sleepers. Two internal chambers keep the fill from shifting away from you as you reposition from side to side throughout the night. Inside the chambers is our springy Resilia® feather fill which is then surrounded by 550 fill power Hyperclean® down and a cover of 300 thread count, 100% cotton.


This magical combination produces a pillow that is supportive yet fluffy and comfortable. The pillow is trimmed with contrasting navy blue printed cording and can be machine washed/dried for easy care



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Side by Side® Medium Design

Our patented Side by Side® Medium no-shift design features two inner fabric chambers, each individually filled with feathers. These chambers limit how much the feathers can shift within your pillow, which means no matter how you reposition during the night, the supportive feather fill stays in place. For the finishing touch, the inner chambers are surrounded by an extra layer of down for fluffy, adjustable comfort.

Traditional Edge Design

Traditional Edge DesignOur traditional edge pillow is made by sewing the top and bottom pillow fabric together. This results in a single seam around the perimeter of the pillow giving it a tapered look.

Pacific Coast® Down

Pacific Coast® DownDown is the soft insulating material found on the breast of geese and ducks. Unlike feathers that have a quill, down has no hard elements. Considered one of Mother Nature's best insulators, a down cluster is a light and fluffy three dimensional spherical puff with multiple filaments that expand to trap air - giving down bedding its signature loft and cozy, embracing warmth.

When used in comforters, down allows air to circulate around you contributing to a comfortable environment and deep, sound sleep.

When used in pillows, down provides soft, adjustable comfort that conforms to your changing sleep positions Pacific Coast® down is carefully sorted and selected to ensure that only the fluffiest clusters are used.

Resilia™ Feathers

Resilia™ FeathersWith over 130 years of down and feather expertise, we’ve perfected an exclusive process that results in tightly curled feathers that are springy yet soft. Unlike ordinary feathers, our Resilia™ feathers Stay Fluffy Longer™ providing you with outstanding resilience and support.

Barrier Weave® 100% Cotton

Barrier Weave100% CottonOur bedding products are made with a unique, tightly woven fabric weave that is specially finished to keep the down and feathers from sneaking through the fabric.  This leak proof fabric is finer, softer and more durable for lasting comfort and easy care.


US Patent No. 7,562,405 
Canadian patent pending


Double chamber internal construction
Navy blue printed cording
Read about design types


300 Thread count, 100% cotton
Barrier Weave® down and feather proof fabric


550 Fill power
Hyperclean® down
Hyperclean® Resilia™ feathers
Fluffy for Life™


Standard: 20" x 26"
Queen: 20" x 30"
King: 20" x 36"


30 Night Comfort Guarantee
Allergy Free Limited Warranty
5 Year Limited Warranty


Machine wash and dry