Down Comforters

  • Light weight design - with a little less down for warm climates and those who sleep warm

    $149.99 - $259.99
    $112.49 - $194.99
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  • Our traditional, mid-range design with just the right amount of down for year round comfort

    $179.99 - $289.99
  • Supersized comforter great for deep mattresses and extra drape

  • Our extra warmth design - with extra down for cold climates and those who sleep cool

    $179.99 - $329.99
  • A special, extra tightly woven cotton cover provides lab tested allergen protection

    $179.99 - $289.99
  • New Product!

    Give your sleep an upgrade with this Premium Down Comforter.

    $169.99 - $279.99
    $127.49 - $209.99
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  • Blocks dust mites - AllerRest® Double DownAround® Pillows, AllerRest® Down Comforter

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Cozy Down Comforters

Down comforters by Pacific Coast® provide cloud like loft no matter the warmth level. Our comforters are filled with real down and available at price points for all budgets. You won't find cheap feather comforters who sacrifice warmth and comforter for weight and bulk.


With over 130 years of experience, Pacific Coast® is the comforter expert. Not sure which comforter is right for you? Let our guide help!

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