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Washing down and feather bedding is easy. In fact, it invigorates the down to be as fluffy as when it was new, unlike synthetic bedding. Most down and feather products are machine washable and you can usually choose to do-it-yourself or have your bedding professionally laundered. With a little attention, your down and feather bedding can last many years.


We have created care instruction guides for each type of bedding to help you get the longest life from your Pacific Coast bedding. Please click on the links below to find handy printable checklists and detailed instructions for each type of bedding.


Down Comforter Care

Washing a down comfortforter is easy. Get more tips.

Our comforter care instructions below will help you decide whether to wash your comforter yourself or take it to a professional.

If you decide to wash it at home, our easy printable checklists will give you the confidence that you are washing and drying your comforter the correct way to ensure a long life. We also cover how often to wash your comforter, the benefit of using a duvet and proper storage.


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Washing Down Pillows, Feather Pillows & Down/Feather Blend Pillows

Washing Down Pillows, Feather Pillows & Down/Feather Blend Pillows - Get More Tips

Pillows are easy to wash, fit in any size washing machine, and come out looking like new (unlike that synthetic pillow you gambled on and ended up with lumpy mess).

Our pillow washing guide has handy, printable checklists to keep by the laundry for both washing and drying so you know you are doing it right. It also has a wealth of tips on how to keep your pillow fluffy between washings, knowing when to wash, why pillows turn yellow and using pillow protectors.


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Washing Down Blankets and Throws

Learn how to wash blankets and throws

While washing down blankets and throws are relatively easy, there are still a few things to consider to ensure they have a long lifetime. Many of the same considerations that apply to comforters apply to blankets, but not all.

Our complete guide gives you all the information you need, whether you are using your blanket under a comforter or in a duvet. It includes convenient printable checklists, how often to wash, and storage instructions.


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Caring for your Featherbed is Easy - Learn more

Even though featherbeds can’t be washed since you’d have to have an industrial tunnel washing system to handle the size, you can still extend their life with proper care. Find out what you can do to keep your featherbed fluffy, clean and dry in our complete care guide.


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Protectors are the best way to keep your Pacific Coast® luxury bedding fresh and clean. Our protectors are made with our Barrier Weave® fabric to keep down and feathers from escaping out and an AllerRest® fabric to prevent dust mites from entering your bedding. All Pacific Coast® protectors are machine washable for easy care.

Wash protectors in warm water with a mild detergent. Tumble dry on a low heat setting.


If additional information is needed or you have additional questions please contact us or call 1-(888) 297-1778.