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hotel bedding

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Hotel Linens


hotel linens

similar to what you'll find in over a million hotel rooms worldwide. Recreate your hotel bedding experience with our Hotel Collection blankets, comforters, feather beds and Hotel Collection pillows.
Hotel White Goose Down Pillows

Hotel White Goose Down Pillows

Luxurious white goose down pillow. Traditional design. Includes 100% cotton cover.
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Hotel Symmetry Pillows

Hotel Symmetry® Pillows

Traditional pillow design, found in premier hotels, blends half down and feathers.
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Hotel Touch of Down Pillows

Hotel Touch of Down® Pillows

Pillow-in-a-pillow design offers neck and head support. Featured in leading hotels.
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Hotel Down Surround Pillows

Hotel Down Surround® Pillows

Found in premier hotels. Inner pillow of feathers cradled in down for neck support.
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