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  • The Hotel Tria Organic Cotton Cover All Down Pillow allows you to experience luxurious rest only comparable to some of the best hotels in the world.

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Experience Hotel-Quality Sleep In The Comfort Of Your Home


You deserve to experience the same undisturbed luxurious sleep that you get when sleeping in five-star hotels when you’re sleeping in your own home. With the Pacific Coast Feather Company Hotel Collection made up of premium sleep products, you can experience hotel-quality sleep night after night with no check in required. Sleep peacefully and comfortably all night long with these wonderfully luxurious hotel pillows, featherbeds, comforters, and blankets.


Fall into cushioning comfort with our premium hotel comforters. We understand how important a good night’s sleep is, which is why we make creating top-of-the-line comforters our specialty! Our hotel comforters are made with only the finest materials that are clean, comfortable, and cozy. Whether filled with lofty down or white goose feathers, these comforters ensure that you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that the materials have been washed and rinsed thoroughly, keeping your bed free of dust and other allergens.


No matter which climate you’re in or what temperature you prefer for sleeping, there is a Pacific Coast comforter that is designed especially for you. Some of our hotel-style comforters are heavier for those who like to sleep on the warmer side, and others are not filled with as much fluffy down for those who prefer to sleep cooler. Explore our collection of hotel-quality comforters today to find the perfect comforter for you!


At Pacific Coast Feather Company, we know how hard it can be to find the perfect mattress. That’s why we offer featherbeds that are designed to give you unmatched comfort and pain-free sleep. The cozy feather filling of these premium hotel featherbeds will cushion each of your pressure points for a night of uninterrupted heavenly sleep while giving your body the ultimate treat: accentuated comfort and relaxation. Fitted with a 100% cotton cover that will protect your investment, the Pacific Coast featherbeds are the best choice to ensure you get the best sleep. Simply place on top of your mattress and sink into softness.


When upgrading your sleep products, be sure to explore our carefully crafted selection of hotel pillows to complement your newly-found comfort. Our hotel bedding will cradle your head and body for the ultimate support and relaxation night after night. From pillows filled with lofty down to feather-filled pillows, you can be sure that what you’re laying your head on each night is the very best available in both style and comfort. Read through our blog post to learn more about selecting the right pillow for you!


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