King Size Bedding and King Sized Down Comforters

King Size Bedding

Each Pacific Coast® king size bedding is covered in luxurious 100% cotton fabric with a thread count from 300 and higher. This allows you to sleep comfortably on your king size bed while snuggling under a soft and luxuriously soft comforter. All of the fabrics we use are made using Barrier Weave® technology that keeps the down and feathers inside the beddings, keeping it fluffy for a longer period of time.

King Size Comforter

With lots of room to spread out and roll over, king sized beds are the ultimate in luxury. Pacific Coast® bedding luxurious king sized down comforters are designed to meet your individual style and sleeping needs. From the oversized baffle box comforters to the extra drape over the mattress grand comforter, there's a perfect comforter waiting for you.

  • Our classic box stitch design to pamper you with shift free, year round comfort

    $179.99 - $279.99
    $143.99 - $223.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Our traditional, mid-range design with just the right amount of down for year round comfort

    $199.99 - $299.99
    $159.99 - $239.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Our special, double-domed design helps to manage the body warmth of two sleepers for custom comfort

    $349.99 $279.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Incredibly light and soft Batiste fabric cover with premium white goose down fill

    $379.99 - $479.99
    $303.99 - $383.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • A special, extra tightly woven cotton cover provides lab tested allergen protection

    $229.99 - $329.99
    $183.99 - $263.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Covered in fine cotton and filled with white goose down, this is the deluxe version of our light warmth comforter

    $249.99 - $449.99
    $199.99 - $359.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Deluxe version of our fluffiest comforter with lofty white goose down and fine cotton

    $349.99 - $549.99
    $279.99 - $439.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Ultimate luxury, oversized design with a high fill power of white goose down and a silky soft cover

    $549.99 - $649.99
    $439.99 - $519.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide
  • Light weight design - with a little less down for warm climates and those who sleep warm

    $179.99 - $279.99
    $143.99 - $223.99
    White Sale - 20% Off Sitewide

King Size Comforters

Every king size comforter made by Pacific Coast® is designed to stay fluffy throughout the lifespan of the product. We only use the best down and feathers to make sure that our bedding maintains its shape and stays fluffy for as long as it possibly can.

California King Bedding

High-quality California King size bedding can be quite difficult to find, especially if you’re looking for bedding with a luxurious feel. Pacific Coast® offers a wide array of comforters that not only fit most California King size beds perfectly, but also provide exceptional comfort and style. 

Pacific Coast® bedding is made in the USA using the finest imported material. Each piece is expertly crafted using the latest in fabric technology to maintain a high standard of quality you won’t find in any other brand. With Pacific Coast®, you can get bedding that are fit for a king. 

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