Queen Size Down Comforters

Queen Comforter

A queen down comforter should be the first step in turning your perfectly sized bed into the perfect bed. Pacific Coast® queen down comforters are filled with goose and duck down that will keep you cozy and warm. Combined with Pacific Coast® Barrier Weave™ fabric, which prevents down filling from leaking out, our queen down comforters are designed to give you the perfect night's sleep.


Queen Down Comforter

From cold weather to a cool spring day, Pacific Coast® has a queen down comforter made with you in mind. Our Hyperclean® down is washed up to eight times to keep allergies at bay. Sleepers with different body temperatures who sleep in the bed will enjoy the Pacific Coast® Embrace down comforter, designed with 2 sleepers in mind. A queen down comforter can make all the difference in a great night's sleep


Queen Size Comforters

Paint a pretty picture with our super-fluffy Lunesse™ Comforter or extra-rich Luxury Comforter. Specially selected, large-cluster down fills these sensuous comforters for superior warmth and soft feel without added weight. All of our comforters come in sizes from twin to queen to oversized, for added drape. The quality of our materials and workmanship shines through in every piece. One look tells you that it's going to be a great night.

  • Light weight design - with a little less down for warm climates and those who sleep warm

    $129.99 - $229.99
    $103.99 - $183.99
    20% Off Select Bedding
  • Our traditional, mid-range design with just the right amount of down for year round comfort

    $149.99 - $249.99
  • Covered in fine Egyptian cotton and filled with white goose down, this is the deluxe version of our light warmth comforter

    $199.99 - $299.99
    $159.99 - $319.99
    20% Off Select Bedding
  • Filled with white goose down and a fine Egyptian cotton fabric, this is a deluxe version of our extra warmth design

    $299.99 - $499.99
  • Our classic box stitch design to pamper you with shift free, year round comfort

    $129.99 - $229.99
  • Our basic, best value down comforter for year round enjoyment

    $129.99 - $199.99
    20% Off 2 Pillows + Select Comforter. Details.
  • A special, extra tightly woven cotton cover provides lab tested allergen protection

    $179.99 - $279.99
    20% Off 2 Pillows + Select Comforter. Details.
  • White goose down with visually stunning external boxes billowing with cloudlike loft

    $349.99 - $449.99
  • Deluxe version of our fluffiest comforter with lofty white goose down and fine Egyptian cotton

    $299.99 - $499.99
  • Supersized comforter great for deep mattresses and extra drape

  • Premium hotel luxury featuring a high fill power white goose down

    $349.99 - $449.99
    $279.99 - $359.99
    20% Off Select Bedding
    20% Off 2 Pillows + Select Comforter. Details.
  • Ultimate luxury, oversized design with a high fill power of white goose down and a silky soft cover

    $499.99 - $599.99
  • Our extra warmth design - with extra down for cold climates and those who sleep cool

    $149.99 - $279.99
  • Incredibly light and soft Batiste fabric cover with premium white goose down fill

    $329.99 - $429.99
  • Our cuddliest comforter with 25% more down and fabric at the very top for year round snuggling

  • The deluxe version of our premier mid-range design with white goose down and fine Egyptian cotton

    $249.99 - $449.99
  • Our special, double-domed design helps to manage the body warmth of two sleepers for custom comfort

    $249.99 - $349.99