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Get the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had with Luxury Pillows

Gone are the days when luxury bedding is reserved for royalty. With pillowcases, sheets, comforters, and duvets made by Pacific Coast®, you’ll be able to sleep just like the royals do.


Pacific Coast® is known for luxury pillows, as well as soft and comfortable bedding that can lull you to sleep the minute you lay down on them or get under the covers. Our products are made only of the best materials, and with the latest in fabric technology, we guarantee you’ll have a good night’s sleep every night for many years to come.

The Best Down, Feathers, and Cotton Fabric

Pacific Coast® bedding is made with only the best materials available. We use high quality down and feathers that have gone through our signature Hyperclean® process which washes away particles and allergens from the down and feathers. Our pillows and featherbeds are also covered with 100% cotton Barrier Weave® fabric to make sure that the down and feathers stay inside the fabric. We also make sure that our products have a thread count of at least 200 – some of them even reaching a very luxurious 600 thread count for maximum comfort and luxury while you sleep.

Timeless Elegance with High End Bedding

Pacific Coast® has been around since 1884 and is a trusted name when it comes to high-quality, luxurious featherbeds, pillows and other bedding items. We wouldn’t last that long if our products easily went out of style or weren't made with timeless craftsmanship. We offer bedding in a wide array of colors and styles that would match most bedrooms no matter what decade we’re living in.

Sneeze-Free Nights

Down beds, pillows, and comforters are known for their softness and comfort; however, for those suffering from allergies, this type of material is usually not the best choice. Luckily, Pacific Coast® has a hypoallergenic bedding line that combines the softness of down and feathers with our 100% cotton AllerRest® fabric that ensures a good night’s sleep without the sneezing.

Multi-Year Comfort Guarantee

Pacific Coast® takes pride in the quality of craftsmanship that goes into every Pacific Coast® product. You can be sure that your Pacific Coast® bedding will stay soft and comfortable year in and year out. Some of our products can even last 10 years or more! We are so sure that our bedding will last longer than other bedding brands that our products come with a generous warranty.

Easy Breezy Maintenance for Luxury Bedspreads

Our luxury bedding line is also easy to maintain. Most of our items are machine washable and are compatible with most dryers, so they’re easy to clean.


If you’re searching for comfortable and luxurious bedding, look no further. Pacific Coast® offers you this and so much more. From our featherbeds and pillows to our luxury sheets, you can experience what it really feels like to sleep in the lap of luxury.