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Lulling Yourself to Sleep with the Best Goose Down Pillows


Soft Goose Down Bed Pillows


Pillows are among the most important bedding items for kids and adults alike for several reasons, including maximizing a great night’s sleep. Keep in mind that the best goose down pillow provides a restful place for the head and neck to rest on for the 6-8 hours of sleep, thus, allowing you to be lulled into a deep sleep. But that’s not all either. The best pillow from goose down also provides firm yet soft support for the cervical spine by keeping it in proper alignment with the rest of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Suffice it to say that, without goose down pillows, getting a good night’s sleep will be more difficult to achieve. What then makes each Pacific Coast® pillow the best down pillow on the market today? It’s all in the choice of materials and the construction.


More than Just Goose Down

Unlike other bed pillows, each Pacific Coast goose down bed pillow is made from a combination of two of the most desirable materials, namely:

  • 100% cotton that provides for unparalleled softness whenever your head touches its surface; and
  • Down plumes made from the best goose down.

What more can you ask for in pillows? Cotton is the traditional material used for soft yet supportive pillows while goose down reinforces the sleeping-in-the-arms-of-clouds experience.


Our Softest All Goose Down Pillow


Shop Luxury Down Pillows

Our softest all white goose down pillow, The Luxury Down Pillow, features a high 680 thread count cover and is filled with our finest 700 fill power White Goose Down. Buy one today to experience unparalleled luxury and softness every night. View Details >

Hypoallergenic Goose Down Pillow


The goose down undergoes an intensive process wherein the feathers are washed and rinsed for a total of 8 times — yes, 8 times! Each cycle further lessens the amount of dust, dirt and allergens contained in the feathers until such time that no traces remain.

The result: Each goose down pillow can be used by individuals with high sensitivity to allergens like dust, dirt and dust mites. Kids, asthmatic individuals, and the elderly will benefit the most from such quality. It must be said, nonetheless, that everybody in your family will certainly benefit from a good night’s sleep every night!


Keep in mind that sleep is crucial to good health. The 6-8 hours of time spent on restful sleep allows the body to repair its injuries, restore its functions including its cognitive abilities, and reenergize its parts in preparation for the next day’s activities.



More than the sleep component, the avoidance of allergens when sleeping on the best down pillow reinforces peace of mind. Parents can sleep soundly with the knowledge that their children are sleeping soundly, too, on hypoallergenic goose feather pillows and then wake up in good health—Look, Ma, I'm not stuffed up!