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Say Goodbye to Allergies with Allergy Bedding

AllerRest® Bedding

At Pacific Coast® Bedding, we provide customers with a wide range of high-quality yet reasonably-priced items for beds including their popular allergy bedding line. You will find these bedding items as essential for your daily sleeping requirements because of their desirable qualities in warding off allergens from accumulating on your pillows and mattress.


Allergies Are Avoidable

Dust mites may be so tiny as to escape scrutiny with the naked eye but these are the worst offenders in allergy attacks. When you are allergic to dust mites, you can suffer from watery and red eyes, runny and itchy noses with frequent sneezing, and skin rashes, among other symptoms. But why suffer from all of these symptoms when you have the best allergy bedding items from Pacific Coast® Bedding? You can avoid allergies by using one of the following items.

Allergy Bedding Starts with Double Down Around Allerrest Pillow


Shop Double Down Around Allerrest Pillow

Our best-selling pillow design now has allergen protection! The Double DownAround® pillow has an inner pillow to provide support, while a fluffy outer pillow of down cradles you in softness. Our exclusive 300 thread count AllerRest Fabric® is specially woven and lab tested, verifying that it is an effective barrier to protect you from dust mites and their allergens.


AllerRest® Pillow and Comforter Set

Because we believe that our customers appreciate the best in life especially in their sleeping partners, we provide bedding items in sets. One such set is the AllerRest® Pillow and Comforter Set.

The AllerRest® Double DownAround® pillow is designed to provide medium support for all types of sleeping positions. Its pillow-in-pillow design makes for the perfect balance between firmness for support and softness for comfort. You will enjoy the feel of the inner pillow made from feathers and the outer layer made from fluffy down on your head, arms and legs. Its 300-thread count 100% cotton fabric is soft, smooth and sensuous on your skin while its and 550-fill power Hyperclean® down and feather filling provide for the abovementioned balance of firmness and softness. After all, why let your skin suffer from rough fabrics when you can enjoy the softness of Pacific Coast pillows?

The AllerRest® comforter is just as excellent in providing for comfort, warmth and style as the Double DownAround® pillow. You will enjoy year-round comfort while sleeping at average temperatures in your room, which means better sleep and better health. You need not even worry about the comforter not covering your body because it is designed to be oversized!

Both the pillow and comforter in the set comes with a 30-night comfort guarantee and an allergy-free warranty. We, at Pacific Coast® Bedding, believe in our product so much so that we will put our good name on the line for our warranty. We have also designed our allergy bedding items for easy care – just machine wash or dry clean.

Outfit Your Bedroom with the AllerRest Pillow and Comforter Set


Shop AllerRest Pillow and Comforter Set

AllerRest® Pillow & Comforter Set is the ultimate in allergy protection. The Double DownAround® with AllerRest® is our best selling pillow design with allergen protection! This pillow-in-a-pillow design features an inner pillow of feathers and an outer layer of fluffy down. A medium support pillow makes it ideal for all sleep positions.


AllerRest® Pillow for Children

Because children have special needs than adults when it comes to their hypoallergenic beddings, Pacific Coast® Bedding has the AllerRest® Pillow for Children designed for children 2 to 12 years of age. Kids will love the smaller dimensions as well as the right level of firm support and soft comfort, thanks to the Hyperclean® Eurofeathers fluffy filling coupled.

Just as important for kids are the 100% AllerRest® Fabric that prevents the entry of allergens like dust mites into their pillows as well as the 100% cotton 300-thread count cover on the pillows. You want your kids to sleep well at night, after all! Indeed, your investments in Pacific Coast’s allergy bedding items will pay off on your first night of use – firm support, soft comfort, and peace of mind that no allergens will ruin your restful sleep!

Your Child Will Sleep Allergen Free on an AllerRest Pillow


Shop AllerRest Childrens Pillow

Designed for children 2 to 12 years of age with just the right amount of fill to properly support the contours of a child's neck and spine. Exclusive 300 thread count AllerRest Fabric® is specially woven to block dust mites and their allergens from entering your pillow. AllerRest Fabric® is 100% cotton. No chemicals or pesticides are used.