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Duvet Covers Bring Beauty to Your Bed


A bed is never fully complete without a Pacific Coast® duvet cover. Pacific Coast® duvet covers will beautify your bed, protect your comforter, and add a dash of color that can match your bedroom décor perfectly. Our covers are made out of 100% cotton, in 300 and 600-thread count, and have a zip-up closure with double-needle stitching for durability. Woven and stitched for long-lasting wear, our duvets covers are easy to machine wash and dry.

Duvet Cover & Comforter Loops

The inside corner ties can either be tied to your comforter loops, if your comforter has loops, or you can gather the corner of the comforter and fasten it with the ties. Either approach will keep your duvet attached to your comforter and in place all night long. The classic styling of these beautiful duvet covers provides long lasting protection, breathability and elegance for your comforter.


Duvet Covers Provide Form and Function

To help your comforter stay cleaner and last longer, invest in a decorative bedding duvet cover. Duvets covers are machine washable and are made with easy-to-close hidden zippers, making it easy to take on and off. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a truly good night's sleep from the number one brand in down bedding, the Pacific Coast® Bedding.

Duvet Covers In All Sizes

Pacific Coast® duvet covers come in sizes that fit most standard-sized comforters. Shop our current assortment of duvet covers. Try it and feel the Pacific Coast® difference for yourself.

King-size Duvet Covers

If you’re sleeping on a bed made for a king, your linens should boast of style and comfort fit for a king. The Pacific Coast® king-size duvet not only ensures that you’ll get a good night’s sleep; it also helps you maintain your king-size comforters for a longer period of time. The hidden zipper makes it easy to put on and take off and the inside corner ties help keep the comforter in place.

Queen-size Covers

Nothing says “royalty” better than the comfort you get from a queen-size comforter covered in a 300 or 600-thread count fabric cover. With Pacific Coast® queen-size duvets, you dream the sweetest dreams and live the good life while keeping your comforters clean and in good shape.

Twin-size Covers

Children and teenagers are always active and full of energy during the day, which is why it’s important that they always get a good night’s rest so that they’ll wake up happy and ready to go every morning. Pacific Coast® twin-size comforters covered with 100% cotton cover can help them achieve that. The wide range of color options also make it easy to match their beds to any room color they choose.

Oversized & Grand Duvet Cover

Is your partner always hogging the comforter? Oversized means you’ll never have to worry about blanket hogs ever again. Match your Pacific Coast® oversized comforters with a Pacific Coast® oversized duvet cover to keep you warm. Use it with your Lunesse comforter, Extra Warmth comforter, Deluxe year-round comforter, or any other Pacific Coast®oversized comforter for all night-warmth and comfort.


Just when you thought style and comfort couldn’t get any bigger, it just did. Pacific Coast® grand duvets provide grand comfort for people who sleep in extra large beds. This size is the perfect partner for any of our extra large comforters. Choose from a wide variety of colors to give your bedroom that extra oomph. They come in 300 or 600 thread count covers that are made out of 100% cotton for maximum sleeping satisfaction.

Duvets Covers Customer Approved

Pacific Coast® Bedding offers 30-night comfort guarantee so it’s really easy to try a duvet. Read what a couple of our customers have to say.


linda2011 writes: I'm very happy with purchase. I searched all over for an "oversized" king duvet cover for my (Pacific Coast) regular [not Cal] King down comforter. I checked all the "linen" type stores. I wanted 100% cotton. It was difficult to find and I didn't like what I saw elsewhere. I really like the chestnut color. I like the crisp, cotton feel. The comforter fits inside perfectly. I only wish they had more designs, I don't care for the "flower" ones they offer, and while I like the basic chestnut, a design would have been nice.


TexasMom says: Great Duvet Cover!! Pacific Coast is the only place I could find an oversized duvet cover for my down blanket. Fits perfectly, great color (Cordovan, which is a burgandy red), very vibrant. Great material, love the zipper bottom, and inner ties to hold the comforter in place. Would recommend. Just wish they had a bit more colors to choose from. Great on the price for the quality I received!