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Ooh and Ah Over Oversized Bedding

Luxury Bedding

Oversize bedding from Pacific Coast® Luxury Bedding is not your average extra—large bedding. These bedding products have been designed with utmost comfort and classic styles. Our oversized bedding will conform to your ideas of form and function for your home and your family. You will, indeed, oh and ah over our oversized bedding, not to mention the great night’s sleep you will get.


Oversized Bedding Stays On

Our bedding is designed to ensure that every part of your mattress is covered at all times so that no matter how much you move around while on your bed, either awake or asleep, your bed will stay covered. Keep in mind that the oversize bedding is laid above the mattress not just for its decorative effect but, more importantly, for hygiene and warmth for you and your family, as well as to protect the mattress.

In contrast, most bedding from competitors of Pacific Coast® Bedding are either too short to cover the entire bed or too inferior in design that often it does not stay on! If it does not fit right, you will have plenty of trouble with these items that should provide for comfort —truly, not something you will want to deal with in the middle of the night or every morning.


Oversized Bedding — A Complete Set

Why buy bedding on a piecemeal basis and end up with mismatched pieces? With the Pacific Coast® Luxury Bedding line of oversize bedding, you can choose from several styles and sizes of complete sets. Each set may consist of the following items:

Of course, we recommend buying all of these items as part of a set. You deserve the best in terms of comfort and style whenever you lounge, relax, and sleep on your bed. You spend a minimum of 6 hours and you require a restful sleep at night for good health, after all, so your utmost comfort is a must!


Luxurious Materials

But it is not just the size that matters with Pacific Coast® oversized bedding. All of our fitted sheets, flat top sheets, blankets and covers, and pillows and pillowcases are made from luxurious materials at reasonable prices, too. Consider these qualities that make our oversized bedding items so desirable for your bed:

  • 500 to 600 thread count that provides a smooth, soft and sensuous feel on the skin while also being durable against hundreds of washes
  • 100% cotton sateen sheets that are considered the best in the industry because of their beauty and durability

Oversize bedding from Pacific Coast® Bedding is not your average extra-large bedding. These bedding materials have been designed with utmost comfort and trendy style, thus, making these items conform to your ideas of form and function for your home and your family.