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Why Pacific Coast Is Best at
Down Comforters

For over 130 years, we've been blending European old-world craftsmanship with modern innovations, to bring you the fluffiest, best down comforters, down and feather pillows and featherbeds. We do not take shortcuts or skimp on materials, because we know that you trust us to deliver a great night's sleep.

We love down. We’ve been making down and feather products since 1884. In that long time, we have developed our expertise to be the best in the industry. Pacific Coast® is the #1 brand that is solely focused on down pillows, comforters, and featherbeds in the United States. You can find Pacific Coast products at quality department stores, specialty stores, and millions of hotel rooms.

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The innovators

Pacific Coast is committed to creating a better sleeping environment for our customers. We are constantly searching for new ways to improve on design, materials and performance. The results are products that our customers love and keep coming back to purchase over and over. Below are just a few of the innovations we’ve developed in our mission to improve sleeping comfort.

Barrier Weave Fabric Icon Barrier Weave Fabric Icon

Barrier Weave® Fabric
Our bedding products are made with a unique, tightly woven fabric that is specially finished to keep the down and feathers from working their way through the fabric. This down-proof fabric is finer, softer, and more durable for lasting comfort and easy care.

Hyperclean Process Icon Hyperclean Process Icon

Hyperclean® Process
Our natural fills go through a rigorous washing cycle we call the HyperClean process. The down and feathers are washed and rinsed up to eight times, ensuring the proper removal of dirt, dust, and allergens that may cause allergies. Our process creates clean fluffy, supremely comfortable down and feathers. We even offer a 30 Day Allergy-Free Warranty for extra assurance.

Comfort Lock Design Comfort Lock Design

Comfort Lock® Design
Each Pacific Coast comforter comes with an exclusive Comfort Lock border built-in. We designed this border to solve the problem of down moving to the edges as portrayed in the illustration below. Our Comfort Lock border runs around three sides of the comforter, keeping the down in place over the sleeper where you want it most.

Comforter Comparison Image Comforter Comparison Image

Pacific Coast exclusives: our best goose down comforter

Our obsession with making the best comforters has led us to develop many inventive products. Our SuperLoft is an example of the creative solutions we have developed in comforters:

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SuperLoft™ with tufted corners, like little chef’s hats, that provide extra room to give the white goose down ample room for lofting.

We care; creating the best down comforters, for you & the earth

Socially Responsible Icon Socially Responsible Icon

Natural down and feather fill is the most ecologically-friendly bedding material. It is natural, renewable and has a carbon footprint of nearly zero. You can feel good about choosing natural down and feather products, especially when you compare natural fills to polyester or foam.

Pacific Coast Feather Company is committed to socially-responsible processes from sourcing our materials all the way through to the finished product. We have an international team to ensure our high standards of quality start to finish. Our factories here in the U.S. are leaders in using eco-friendly processes including water reclamation and closed-loop waste reduction. Since our down and feathers are natural, biodegradable materials, you can even compost them in your own garden for fertilizer!

Pacific Coast continues to create products that excel in comfort, design, and durability with our natural fills. Down is the best fill for comforters because nature created this special material that is lightweight and provides a consistent temperature, year-round. No synthetic can compete with the warmth-to-weight ratio of down. And, down lasts so much longer than synthetics that you can enjoy its comfort for many years.