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What is a Duvet Cover?

There is some confusion in defining a duvet. Some people call it a "quilt", "bed spread", or "comforter".

What is a Duvet Cover vs Comforter Cover

The origin of the word "duvet" dates back to the 1750s. It’s a French word meaning "down". According to, a duvet is usually a down-filled quilt that often has a removable cover. A quilt is defined as: a coverlet for a bed made of two layers of fabric with some soft substance, as wool or down between them and stitched in patterns or tufted through all thickness in order to prevent the fill from shifting.


It is easy to understand why there is confusion between a "duvet" and a "comforter". They are not necessarily the same thing; however, depending on where you are from, it is possible that these words interchangeably.

Duvets Differ From Comforters

At Pacific Coast® comforters are different but complementary. A duvet is a cotton shell and does not provide warmth. It covers a comforter, similarly to the way a pillowcase covers a pillow. The purpose is to keep your down comforter clean and add a decorative touch to your bed. They are 100% cotton, available in variety of colors in 300 or 600 thread count fabric, with a zipper closure. There are three different styles that fit almost all comforters of all sizes; luxury, oversized, grand. The luxury size is also known as traditional size.


A comforter is type of blanket, that does not tuck, made from a cotton shell that is filled with down and stitched in box or diamond designs providing a layer of warmth for sleepers.

So What's a Protector?

Protectors are a similar product but they tend to serve a more functional purpose. For example, the AllerRest® comforter protector is made with AllerRest® fabric which blocks dust mites and other allergens. Also, comforter protectors are generally only available in white.

Featured Customer Product Review: Great Duvet Cover!!

Pacific Coast is the only place I could find an oversized duvet cover for my down blanket. Fits perfectly, great color (Cordovan, which is a burgundy red), very vibrant. Great material, love the zipper bottom, and inner ties to hold the comforter in place. Would recommend. Just wish they had a bit more colors to choose from. Great on the price for the quality I received!