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Mix and Match Your Style with Comforter Sets

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Comforter Sets

You don’t have to sacrifice quality in favor of style with comforter sets by Pacific Coast®. There are many stylish looking sets out there, but none of them can match up to the luxurious comfort you get from Pacific Coast® bedding and comforters. Make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom by mixing and matching various Pacific Coast® products and let your personal style shine through.


No bed is complete without a cozy and warm comforter. Pacific Coast® comforters are made out of 300-500 thread count 100% cotton fabrics for the ultimate comfort and luxury you won’t find in other comforter brands. Our comforters are filled with the highest quality down that stays fluffy and plush longer than most comforters available in the market today. They come in a wide array of sizes that fits any type of bed you have.

Duvet Covers

Protect your comforters and keep them clean longer with Pacific Coast® duvet covers. Our duvet covers come in assortment of sizes that can fit the various types of Pacific Coast® comforters available. They are made out of 100% cotton and are available in 300 and 600 thread count variants for maximum softness and comfort. They also come in a variety of colors to accentuate or match your bedroom’s style.

Linen Sheets

Cover your mattress with a 500 thread count 100% cotton sateen sheets from Pacific Coast® and feel the difference. Our fitted and flat sheets are called Best Fit® for a reason. Our fitted sheets come with our patented SureHold® end panels that cling to the corners of your bed, giving it a snug fit. Our flat sheets are oversized so that you can tuck it under your mattress securely or use it as a light blanket for two people on warmer nights.


Comforter sets are not complete without a set of pillowcases. Made of 500 thread count 100% cotton sateen fabric, our pillowcases give you the same level of comfort and luxury our brand is known for. Pacific Coast® Capture Top® pillowcases have a fabric pocket in the opening where you can tuck the pillow in for a more refined and finished look. They come in an assortment of sizes that can fit any Pacific Coast® pillow. They also come in a range of colors that match our Pacific Coast® Best Fit® sheets as well.

Protectors for Comforters Sets

Pacific Coast® beddings are made in such a way that they can be considered hypoallergenic, but if you’re looking for a higher level of protection for your comforter sets, we have an assortment of pillow, comforter, and feather bed protectors to make sure your nights are worry-free and allergy-free. These protectors are made from 100% cotton AllerRest® fabric, so you don’t have to worry about allergens and dust mites in your beddings without sacrificing the comfort you get with every Pacific Coast Bedding.

Luxury Comforter Sets

Don’t settle for just a comforter. Show off your luxurious style and experience the difference Pacific Coast® comforter sets make in your bedroom.