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Peace of Mind with Pillow Covers

Firm Down Pillows

Pacific Coast® Bedding provides our customers with a wide range of pillow protectors with zippered covers, obviously designed to protect pillows from body oils, fluids, and stains, among others. Keep in mind that a pillow protector is different from a pillowcase and a pillow sham — a pillowcase is designed as a functional covering while a pillow sham is designed as a decorative cover usually with trim or flange.

Why Pillow Protectors

Of course, you can always skip on the protectors for your pillows but when you come to think about the benefits of using these items, you will immediately buy one or two sets of Pacific Coast® pillow protectors as soon as possible. Our protectors are made from high thread count fabrics including cotton, gusset and special anti-allergy textile, all of which combine the benefits of form and function. Even when the protectors are hidden from view, you will still want the best while you sleep and, in the process, enjoy better peace of mind.


Keep your pillows cleaner:

Pillow protectors provide another layer of protection keeping your body oils from seeping through to your pillows. Your pillows will then be cleaner for longer periods.


Lessen chances for bug infestation:

Bed bugs and dust mites will be unable to enter your pillows because of the protectors. You will then be able to lessen the chances for pest infestation, thus, avoiding its ill effects like skin allergies and asthma attacks. You will also enjoy longer life from your pillows because you need not throw these items away so soon.


Lessen allergies:

Because pillow protectors prevent the infestation of the above mentioned allergens into the pillows, you will observe far fewer incidents of allergy-borne diseases that may lead to respiratory asthma and skin issues. You will be able to breathe easier and sleep better at night with the knowledge that dust mites and pet dander are of little to no issue in your pillow.


Peace of mind while travelling:

Why risk becoming infested with dust mites and bed bugs on your stays in hotels, motels and inns? Bring along Pacific Coast® protectors and then place it over the pillows, in these establishments, so that you can avoid bed pests feasting on your face while also avoiding the possibility of dirty pillowcases making contact with your skin.


What Pillow Protectors to Choose

Pacific Coast® Bedding has plenty of styles to choose from our web site. Here are a few options to help you choose the best protectors that will fit your needs and wants in every price, size and style.

Pillow protectors are designed to keep dust mites, among other allergens, away from your pillows while still providing for the soft and smooth feel of all Pacific Coast® Bedding bed products.

Of course, pairing our pillow protectors with other items in the Pacific Coast® Bedding line including oversize bedding makes perfect sense, so go for it!