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Lightweight Comforter For Year Round Use

Lightweight Comforters and Lightweight Bedding

Bedding can take up a lot of precious space in linen closets and bedrooms. It can also be time-consuming to switch from a heavy blanket to a lightweight comforter, and then go back to the comforter when the temperature drops. Here are a few bedding options and suggestions for year-round use, as well as some tips on seasonal essentials.

Pillows and Lightweight Bedding

Breathability is a must have for year-round use. You want pillows that are supportive and soft. Specific levels of support will depend on your sleeping position. Are you a back, side, or stomach sleeper? A stomach sleeper needs a softer pillow and a side and back sleeper will need a pillow with more support. In the winter, you'll want a pillow that's soft and inviting. In the summer, you want something that won't make you sweat during those hot nights. Synthetic pillows, while supportive, can trap heat, making you sweat during the summer months. Down or feather pillows are the best option for year-round use, as the natural components are both soft and breathable. Be sure to get the level of support that fits you best, and switch out flannel pillowcases for cotton in the summer.

Lightweight Comforters

Searching for a comforter that fits your needs throughout the year is not easy. You want something lightweight for the summer, yet warm enough for cold winter nights.

  • Synthetic: The warmth of synthetic comforters varies by weight, which means you'll need a heavy blanket in the winter, and a lightweight one for warmer nights.

  • Down: Down comforters are perfect with any season as the natural down and cotton are both warm and breathable. During the winter, you'll have ample warmth to sleep comfortably, and in the summer, your body heat doesn't get trapped beneath the covers.

  • Weight: The weight of your down comforter should depend on the climate you live in. In northern or cooler climates, a thicker down comforter would work best. For a tropical climate, lightweight down is a wonderful option for breathability.

  • Covers: When using a down comforter, be sure to switch out the comforter cover according to the season. Simply put on a lightweight comforter cover in the summertime, then go for the heavier or flannel cover in the winter.

Sheets, Pillowcases and Lightweight Down Comforter

Keeping the same pillows and comforters year-round will make your life easier. But that's not the only choice you have to make when it comes to weather-proofing your bedding. For sheets, pillows, and comforter covers, here are some simple guidelines for warm and cold weather:

  • Summer: Use lightweight cotton sheets with a high thread count. A higher thread count means cooler sheets, and lighter colors don't absorb heat as well as dark colors.

  • Winter: Darker colors and flannel are better for cold weather, as they feel softer on your skin and transfer heat better. Additional pillows or a down body pillow will also help keep you warm.

Be sure to keep all bedding and linens fresh and clean, and air them out for a few minutes in the fresh air, if possible, before putting them on your bed. With the right comforter, sheets and pillows, a good night's sleep is possible no matter what the season.