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How to Make a Feather Bed Fantastic

How to Make a Feather Bed Fantastic My First Feather Bed 

"Ok, so I finally got a feather bed. I bought one for my sister first and she was experienced. She had had one before. She told me this was the best product she had ever gotten and she loves it. So I started to talk to people and to read about what they liked and didn't like. Most people who complained about the products didn't know what to expect or expected something that is impossible. You have to fluff a feather bed - any feather bed otherwise buy something else because you'll be disappointed. So with that kind of recommendation, I bought a Lumbar Feather Bed for myself. Ahhhhh yes! Very comfortable. The only problem I have is that my dogs stretch out all over it and now I have to fight for space."

- ElizabethMary from Philadelphia


Feather beds are a nice addition on top of a mattress by adding support and cushioning to pressure points. At the same time, feather beds do require maintenance.

Four Fantastic Tips to Prolong Your Feather Bed:

  • Wrap it up: Zip covers keep your feather bed fresh and clean since they are not easy to wash. Covers are available in a Basic and an AllerRest®. AllerRest® fabric which block dust mites from entering into your feather bed.
  • Don't let spot run: If you do get a stain or spill on your feather bed it is best to spot clean it the same way you would a mattress. Use a soft cloth to blot the stain and use mild soap and water for stains. Do not use harsh chemicals. Feather beds do not require laundering when used with a cover but, if needed, it should be dry cleaned.
  • Fluff: All feather beds go limp after being slept on. It's advised that you fluff your feather bed every time you change your sheets or once a week. Some feather beds have handles to make it easier to fluff, otherwise grab a corner and give it a shake up and down.
  • Rotate: Just like the tires on your car, feather beds need to be rotated. The feathers that are located under your pressure point will soften quicker than the rest of the feathers. To keep your feather bed from wearing unevenly, rotate it ever time you change your sheets.