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The Dirt on Clean Bedding

How Pacific Coast Bedding goes beyond hypoallergenic with their down comforters and pillows

Many people think they have an allergy to down and feather, also called ‘natural fill’, when they are actually allergic to dust and dander on the down and feather itself.

Unfortunately, this misconception causes people to needlessly shy away from best-in-class natural filled bedding. Yet, bedding filled with down and feather is actually a great option for people who suffer from allergies because it can be washed so often. At Pacific Coast, we have developed a proprietary process to ensure our down and feathers are free from these allergens.

People aren’t allergic to down and feathers. It’s the dust.

Allergic reactions to bedding are most commonly caused by dust and allergens in the fill. Typically, allergic reactions from natural filled bedding have two causes:

1. Inadequate processing of the down and feathers: Dirt, dander and mites are left in the down and feather fill when it is initially processed

2. Accumulation of allergens at home: The bedroom is the most common place for dust mites and dander to gather, particularly in bedding.

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Our Pacific Coast Bedding Hyperclean washing process

The Hyperclean process is used exclusively by Pacific Coast to ensure that our down and feather fill meets the highest standards of cleanliness. Before shipment to the United States, the down and feather fill goes through an initial sterilization process. At our cleaning facility, the fill is then tested and washed until it meets our strict purity standards.

The fill is first cleaned in giant washers with a gentle, biodegradable soap. After washing, it goes into equally large steam dryers. This process is repeated up to eight times to ensure the dust, dander and dirt are removed. The down and feather fill is inspected again and, if it passes, is bundled to be used in the manufacturing process.

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Washers and Dryers creating hypoallergenic down and feathers at Pacific Coast Bedding Plant

Our promise, the Pacific Coast Allergy-Free warranty

We take these extra steps to provide the cleanest fill for healthy sleep. We are so confident in our products that we offer our Allergy Free Warranty. We encourage you to try our bedding for up to 30 nights and if you aren’t satisfied simply return it.

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Keeping it clean after purchase

Starting out with allergy-free Hyperclean down and feather bedding is just the first step in allergy prevention. For those with allergy concerns, the next step is to keep your new bedding free from dander and dust when in use with regular washing.

You can also add another layer of protection with pillow covers, feather bed protectors, and duvet covers. We also offer down comforters and pillows made with our AllerRest® allergen barrier fabric.

Shop Pacific Coast Bedding

Allergic reactions to natural filled bedding are easy to avoid by purchasing from a brand you trust. Also, look for an allergy-free warranty for assurance. After you purchase your hypoallergenic down pillows, feather beds, and comforters, keep them clean by using our AllerRest style protectors to prevent dust mite buildup. And finally, wash your bedding regularly. It’s one of the benefits of natural fills, the bedding comes out of the wash like new.