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Why Illustrations Instead of Photography?

Complex Construction Made Simple

We know that online pillow shopping is challenging. You can’t squeeze it to decide firmness or touch it to feel softness. Our commitment is to help you get the best’s night sleep for your unique sleeping style. This is why we use illustrations to show you how our pillows are constructed — it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Each of our down and feather pillows have a story beyond what a photograph can show. Understanding how each pillow is made will help you decide which pillow style is most suited for you. So in 1,000 words or less here’s a deeper explanation of our pillow construction story and why we display our pillows with these unique illustrations.


At Pacific Coast® Bedding, we have more than 125 years of experience creating patented designs so you can reach your ultimate dream state.


Traditionally, when you think of a down pillow you think of a white squishy rectangle that your head sinks into providing little-to-no-support. By creating uniquely designed inner chamber pillows in a variety of shapes and styles, each offers individual benefits for specialized support and comfort. We manufacture our pillows with soft fluffy down and supportive feathers for a good night’s sleep.


These patented designs are filled with different amounts of down and feather allowing each pillow to have its own level of firmness, support, and comfort.


Here are our pillow construction types with their illustrations explained.



Pillow in a Pillow Design


Pacific Coast® Pillow in pillow This design has an inner pillow of feathers for full support across the entire pillow, as shown by the green in the illustration. The pillow is then surrounded by down for fluffy comfort. The support levels of the pillow are varied by the amount of feather in the inner pillow; the more feathers, the firmer the support. This pillow is literally a pillow of feathers inside a pillow of down.

Pillows with this construction: DownAround®, Double DownAround® Soft, Medium, Firm, and with AllerRest®, Hotel Touch of Down.


Single Inner Chamber Design

Pacific Coast® Pillow in pillowThis pillow design features a firmer internal core of down (shown in pink) for head support, surrounded by more fluffy down for maximum comfort. A single inner chamber design is perfect when you want support from an all down pillow. As shown, the inner chamber keeps the fill centralized to the middle of the pillow where your head and neck lay.


Pillows with this construction: Grand Embrace® Pillow



Dual Inner Chamber Design

Pacific Coast® Dual Inner Chamber

Similar to the pillow in a pillow design, this patented design has two internal chambers that run the length of the pillow to cradle your head and neck. These cores are surrounded by layers of fluffy down. This construction allows your head position to be between the two cores for a supportive cradle. The dual inner cores are filled with either down or feathers. A feather filled inner core, shown in green, provides firmer support. An all down dual core, will be shown in pink, and is softer than the feather version, but still supportive.

Pillows with this construction: Slumber Core® Pillow, Slumber Core® All Down Pillow



Nook Inner Chamber Design

Pacific Coast® Nook Chamber

The Nook™ design is an internal chamber with a dimple in the middle. The chamber is filled with feathers, as shown by the green area in the illustration. The chamber is then encased in a layer of down for fluffy comfort. The center cradles your head and neck. This pillow is a flatter pillow in thickness and is most appropriate for back sleepers.

Pillows with this construction: Nook™ Pillow




Side by Side Inner Design

Pacific Coast® Side by Side Support

This design has an inner pillow with a central baffle that forms side by side chambers. These chambers provide full support and won’t shift away as you move throughout the night. As the illustration shows, there is an inner pillow (shown in green) with a baffle wall that separates the left and right side. It’s the baffles that keep the fill from shifting side to side when you move your head. The whole pillow is then wrapped in a fluffy layer of down.

Pillows with this construction: Side By Side® Pillow



Triple Inner Chamber Design

Pacific Coast® Triple Inner Chamber

As illustrated in green, this design has two baffle walls for three inner chambers of feathers. Similar to the side by side, these three inner chambers keep the fill in place and is wrapped in a layer of down for extra comfort. This style is also available in an all down version in which the three chambers will be shown in pink.

Pillows with this construction: Side-by-Side Firm Pillow, Tria® All Down Pillow




Baffle Box Inner Design

Pacific Coast® Baffle Box

A baffle box design features internal baffles that keeps the fill more evenly distributed. This pillow is just slightly more firm than the all down triple chamber pillow. As shown in the illustration, the baffle walls cross hatch together to make multiple boxes. These many smaller chambers keep the fill in place for support that won’t shift away from your head. As with all our pillows, this pillow is then wrapped in a comfy layer of down.

Pillows with this construction: StayLoft™ Pillows



Traditional Design

Pacific Coast® Traditional

The traditional pillow design has is no inner construction and is filled with all down, all feathers, or a blend of both. As shown in purple with white cotton-ball like specs, this pillow is filled with down. This pillow is a high sink experience, meaning it conforms to your head and adjusts to your changing sleep positions. An all feather pillow will be illustrated with little white feathers. Feather pillows are firmer and not as fluffy as all down pillows. Some of the illustrations will have a different colored background which indicates the amount of fill used. The amount of fill correlates to the firmness-level of each pillow.

All down pillows with this construction: Classic Pillow Soft, Medium, Firm, AllerRest® , SuperLoft™, Prestige, Luxury Down Pillows, Hotel White Goose Down.

Pillows with feathers or a blend: Hotel Symmetry®, Resilia pillow.


Looking for a specific pillow? Read this article to learn how to find it or email us. All our pillows come with a 30 night comfort guarantee.