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Make Our Best Bedding Your Favorite Make Our Best Bedding Your Favorite

Make Our Best Bedding Your Favorite

The Best Bedding Products for 2020!

Bring our best bedding to your home. Whether you are shopping for gifts, outfitting your guest room, going hypoallergenic in the kid’s room, or upgrading your master suite – we have the perfect solution for your needs. As the leading supplier of bed-related products including pillows, comforters and featherbeds, Pacific Coast® is proud to announce its best down products for 2020. These products are made from the highest quality materials including 100% high-thread cotton and hypoallergenic down and feathers, as well as constructed with innovative techniques

1. Touch of Down®

Many hotel pillows are actually Touch of Down pillows from Pacific Coast. This style features a pillow-in-a-pillow design with feathers in the inner chamber for support and down in the outer chamber for softness. This combination makes it the best pillow for all types of sleeping positions.

Product Highlights: Pillow-in-a-pillow design

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2. Classic Down Pillows

Many of Pacific Coast’s best down products are of the classic type for good reasons. First, buyers have several options in terms of firmness – soft, medium and firm. Second, these pillows are sure to delight with the 500-thread count, 100% luxury cotton cover and extra-fluffy 600-fill power hypoallergenic down.

Product Highlights: 500 thread count, 100% luxury cotton

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3. Feather Best Pillow

A pillow so unique, the design is patent pending. The Feather Best pillow is our hottest new item with brushed cotton fabric that is soft and huggable. It’s filled with our tightly curled Resilia® feathers to provide lasting support. And last but not least, the plush barrier completely blocks quills so they aren’t felt by the sleeper.

Product Highlights: Product Highlights: 100% brushed cotton with plush barrier, tightly curled Resilia feathers

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4. Light Weight Comforter

Approved by our customers for sleepers in warm environments. The Light Warmth Comforter gives you the light weight without too much warmth; a perfect solution for year-round use.

Product Highlights: Light warmth comfort for warm climates

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5. Hotel Deluxe Baffle Box Mattress Topper

This is the secret to a bed that feels like you are sleeping at a fine hotel, every night. Our Deluxe Baffle Box Mattress Topper is our leading featherbed because of the support and comfort it provides to your shoulders, hips and back. It can be purchased by itself or as part of the Luxury Hotel Suite Set.

Product Highlights: Baffle box construction to loft feathers fully

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6. Double DownAround® Pillows

Our most famous style is the Double DownAround Pillows, which has the same pillow-in-pillow design as the Hotel Touch of Down, giving you the best of both worlds in support and softness. With double the down in four varieties; soft, medium, and firm densities and the AllerRest® with an allergen barrier fabric, there is something for every preference. Each one has its merits!

Product Highlights: Pillow-in-a-pillow design

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7. Gusset Pillow Protector

Customers like the snug fit of the Gusset Pillow Protector. It is made from 100% luxury cotton known for its softness, strength and durability and designed with a hidden zipper enclosure for a tailored look like no other.

Product Highlights: 100% luxury cotton, gusseted with hidden zipper

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8. Classic Comforter

What makes this our customer’s favorite down comforter? For starters, the value. But it doesn’t stop there. This comforter is packed with features: little to no shifting, duvet loops to secure it, and 525 fill power coupled with 100% cotton with 230-thread count. Pair with the best kid’s pillow and everything is set for the best sleep for kids!

Product Highlights: Year round comfort for a range of climates

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9. SuperLoft Mattress Topper

This feather- and down-filled topper is favored by customers because it has everything to create a heavenly experience. We’ve added down to create extra softness to the support for hips, shoulders and back from our tightly curled Resilia® feathers. The 3-D baffle box construction allows the down to loft because the patented corner pleating provides extra room.

Product Highlights: Tufted baffle box construction with 2” gusset edge for extra loft

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10. Euro Square Pillow Insert

Nothing feels better than feather and down in decorative pillows. Not only do they fill out shams beautifully to provide a finished look for your bed, but they also provide a springy, soft support for curling up with your favorite book or movie.

Product Highlights: 100% cotton, down and feather fill

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11. Luxury Down Pillow

Our customers love the elegance of sinking in to the Luxury Down Pillow. Featuring our best all-cotton cover and White Goose down fill, it’s an exceptional pillow that will treat you every night.

Product Highlights: 680 thread count, 700 fill power White Goose down

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12. Hotel Down Comforter

Bring a little vacation style home to your own master suite. The best-selling Hotel Down Comforter will make every night feel as special as staying at a five-star hotel, especially when you snuggle in for the night.

Product Highlights: Year round comfort for a range of climates

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