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Getting It Right - Luxury Hotel Bedding In Your Home

Who says you cannot enjoy luxury hotel bedding in your home for a fraction of the price of an overnight stay in a high-end, world-class hotel? With Pacific Coast bedding, enjoying a restful sleep - truly, a luxury nowadays - every single night is a possibility worth spending for! Here then are tips for making your regular bed into your luxurious bed by changing its regular bedding to Pacific Coast bedding.

Get the Best Fabrics

Bedding is only as good as its fabrics. This is true for duvets and duvet covers, pillows and pillow covers, and comforters, blankets, and bed sheets because the fabrics make direct contact with the skin, keep the fill in place, and hold an aesthetic appeal to the eyes.

Of course, 100% cotton is the ultimate in luxury as well as in comfort, convenience, and durability. Pacific Coast's luxury hotel bedding products are either made from (i.e., blankets and bed sheets) or covered in (i.e., pillows and comforters) 100% cotton material so you can enjoy the cool and comforting experience of it on your skin while you sleep. Down is also the ultimate material in luxury bedding. Its outstanding breathable quality ensures comfort in warm weather while its excellent insulation property means warmth in cool weather - certainly, a year-round material for pillows, duvets, and comforters.

Hotel White Goose Down Blankets

Shop Hotel Collection White Goose Down Blanket

Recreate your luxurious hotel experience right at home. Perfect for summer use or for those who prefer less warmth, this blanket is lightweight and full of fluffy 575 fill power white goose down. The Barrier Weave fabric prevents leaking and is soft to the touch. Machine washable.

Get High-Fill Comforters

Enjoying restful sleep at any time of the day and night also means using high-fill comforters especially when you like sleeping at average temperatures. Aside from the pleasurable balance between cool and warm provided by Pacific Coast comforters, you also have the benefits of an even fill, a leakage-proof design, and durable construction.

No luxury hotel bedding will be complete without the assurance of hypoallergenic quality. Our high-fill comforters are made from allergen-free Hyperclean down feathers, which means allergy-free sleep even at the height of spring fever.

Get Featherbeds

Layering is the key in making a great bed at home! With featherbeds, you will never feel the ridges and bumps on your mattress plus you will also enjoying firmer support coupled with a softer feel on your skin.

At Pacific Coast, you can choose from a wide variety of featherbeds including the SuperLoft, the Hotel Baffle Box, and the Down on Top. All of these featherbeds provide for a luxurious hotel experience thanks to their thick feather filling, box design for easy fluffing, and hypoallergenic cover that wards off dust mites and other allergens, among other desirable qualities in luxury hotel bedding.

While you can always choose colored bedding, experts suggest going for white, cream, and other neutral colors. Why? These colors are easy on the eyes - clean, classic, and elegant - as well as easy to mix and match with other colors in the bedroom, thus, their popularity in world-class hotels.

Our Hotel Collection Featherbed

Shop Hotel Collection White Featherbed

Recreate your luxurious hotel experience right at home. This featherbed provides supreme comfort by gently cushioning pressure points at your shoulders and hips. Includes a 100% cotton zip cover to protect your investment.

Get Down Pillows

After the fitted sheet, comforter, and featherbed have been placed on top of your regular mattress, put on the finishing touches - luxurious down pillows in your desired size, firmness, and number. The rule of thumb: Six for a king bed and four for a queen bed but it's also about personal preference.

Our Hotel Collection White Goose Down Pillow

Shop Hotel Collection White Goose Down Pillow

Our White Goose Down Hotel Pillow combines the softness of high thread count 100% cotton with fluffy, luxurious down. Includes a 305 thread count removable cotton cover to protect your hotel pillow. Made in the USA of imported materials.

And that is how you can use Pacific Coast's luxury hotel bedding to enjoy luxurious sleep day in and day out!