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All I Want are THOSE Down Pillows

It’s official. You must have that pillow. You know the one you slept on in that hotel that was soft and fluffy, yet supportive and gave you the best night of uninterrupted sleep. You can’t believe how well you slept in a hotel room and now you must find that pillow for your home. Does this sound familiar?

Every day millions of people experience our bedding in hotels all around the world. Just like you, they wake up feeling refreshed and energized and now they want THAT pillow. Our customer service team receives tons of calls and emails every day with customers describing this same experience.

Or maybe you have a Pacific Coast® pillow that you have slept on for a while, perhaps years, and it needs to be replaced. By the way, this is the second most often asked question that our customer service team receives.

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Here's some advice on how to find, replace and enjoy that beloved Pacific Coast® product.

Item Numbers, Tags and SKU

All Pacific Coast® bedding items have two attached tags: a brand logo tag and a long white paper tag with a barcode, called the law tag. This is the key to finding or replacing a product. The number under the barcode identifies the item. The first 5 digits identifies Pacific Coast® as the manufacturer with the numbers "25521". The last 5 digits is the SKU or item number. The images on the right are examples of these tags.

Finding the Item

The SKU number is like gold when looking for a bedding product. If you know or can get this 5-digit number, enter it into the search box at the top of any page. If it’s sold on our website you will see it in the results.

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Search with No Results

There could be a couple reasons for no results to your search. One reason is that the item is unavailable on our web site. Email customer service at and tell them what you are looking for. Be sure to include the 5-digit SKU number.  They’ll be happy to further assist you in your search or answer any other bedding related questions you may have.

Another reason you may not find it on our website is that Pacific Coast® is the manufacturer as well as a retailer. Some of our products, like the down and Lyocell pillows, are specifically made for other retailers and hotels, and therefore, those items are not directly for sale through our retail website. If you know the hotel or where you purchased the product, call the hotel or retailer and see if you can buy directly from them. If that isn’t possible, then send us an email at and we’ll try to find you a similar product.

Looking for Down and Lyocell pillows?

Pacific Coast® manufactures down and Lyocell blend pillows exclusively for luxury and boutique hotels. If you enjoyed one of our Lyocell blend pillows at a hotel and would like more information, please send us an email at Our experienced customer service team members will help you find similar pillow that is perfect for you.

Stayed at a Hotel but Didn’t Get the Item Number

No problem! Simply contact the hotel directly and ask to speak to housekeeping. They can help you by giving you the number. Don’t be shy; you’d be surprised how many people ask for the SKU numbers. Once you get the number contact our customer service team at to help you find an equivalent product.

What to Expect When Your Product Arrives

When you first receive your Pacific Coast® product(s) give it some time to air out and breathe. The comforters will be flatter than you expected and the pillows and featherbeds won’t be fluffy right out of the packaging.

A little fluffing goes a long way! You can help your product gain it’s fluffiness by grabbing the corners of your comforter or featherbed and giving it a good shake. Comforters and featherbeds will regain their intended loft and fluffiness. For new pillows, put them in the dryer on no heat or air fluff and add a clean tennis ball, or you can also place the pillow into your dryer with a damp washcloth on a warm (not hot) heat setting, for approximately 15-20 minutes. This helps to fluff the pillow as it tumbles in the dryer.

This is Not the Same Hotel Pillow

After sleeping on new pillows, some customers call and say the pillows feel different and are not the same as in the hotel. It’s important to know that some hotels use different techniques in pillow maintenance. These techniques can make the original pillow, the one you ordered and now have at home, feel different. Please read this article to learn how hotels maintain their pillows.

Try It with Our 30-Night Comfort Guarantee

If you are unsure about ordering or have received a product and are still unsure, don’t worry, we have a 30-night comfort guarantee. We want you to love your new pillow or any Pacific Coast® product. So sleep on it for a few nights; if you are unsatisfied you can return it.