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Protectors by Pacific Coast®

Prolong the life of your luxury bedding with Pacific Coast® protectors.

Whether you're shopping for pillow and comforter protectors or a decorative duvet, we offer high thread count styles and sizes.

Some Pacific Coast® protectors are made with AllerRest® fabric's protecting you from dust mites and other allergens.

Pillow Protectors

Keep your pillows cleaner, fresher, and help them last longer with Pacific Coast® pillow protectors. Our protectors come in a variety of styles and thread counts, like the AllerRest® pillow protector that keeps allergens away. Other Pacific Coast® styles include luxury and Big Cozy® pillow protectors.

Comforter Protectors

Protect your comforter so that it stays like new. Pacific Coast® comforter protectors are designed to be the best and are made with 100% cotton and a full zipper enclosure. For those prone to allergies, our AllerRest® comforter protectors create another barrier between allergens and your sleep.

Duvet Covers

Give your bedding a stylish look while helping it stay cleaner with Pacific Coast® decorative bedding duvet covers. Choose from luxury duvet covers and oversized duvet covers in twin, full/queen, and king sizes.