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Keeping Clean With Dust Mite Covers Bed Image Keeping Clean With Dust Mite Covers

Keeping Clean With Dust Mite Covers

Dust mite covers come under many names: anti-allergy covers or protectors, hypoallergenic covers and allergy protection covers, just to name a few. At Pacific Coast®, our AllerRest® line of protectors provides all the benefits you need for reducing allergens like dust mites in the household.

Elements of a good dust mite and allergen protector

The difference between an allergen barrier, which is designed to keep the dust mites out of your bedding, and a regular protector are in the following:

1. Tightly woven fabric – Fabrics that pass these standards are woven very tightly, allowing breathability but not larger particles of dander, dust, and pollen as well as dust mites.

2. Breathable – Pillows, comforters and featherbeds need to have a certain level of air permeability to function properly.

3. No pesticides – Covers should be made with 100% cotton, which is soft, durable and a natural material. We do not recommend the practice of using harmful chemicals or pesticides on bedding fabric since the materials are next to your skin.

4. Hot water washable – Allergists recommend washing linens weekly in hot water that is 130 degrees.

Lab testing

Fabrics that claim to be anti-allergy or allergen protective should have 3rd-party lab test results behind them. Pacific Coast uses test method SP304 - Allergen Barrier Test with Airflow by Airmid Healthgroup, Ltd., an INAB accredited lab.

Pacific Coast AllerRest fabric

Special, extra tightly woven AllerRest® fabric prevents dust mites, dirt and harmful allergens from penetrating into your bedding. This unique chemical and pesticide-free fabric has been lab-tested and proven to be an effective barrier against dust mite transfer. It is woven with 300 thread count, 100% cotton so it's soft to the touch maintaining your ultimate comfort.

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With a wide variety of products available to protect against allergens, it’s possible to decrease the exposure you and your family have on a nightly basis to the particles that cause stuffy noses, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and congestion. Not only are our allergy covers safe and pesticide-free, but they are also easy to wash and maintain their performance over time.