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Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

In a world where space is gold – ask any average New Yorker – the ways in how to decorate a small bedroom are popular among singles, couples and families. Here are a few small bedroom design ideas that even an amateur interior decorator can adopt.

Light Up the Space

Start with the lights because their strategic placement can increase the illusion of a larger space as well as set the vibe and highlight points of interest in the area.

  • Find a comfortable and quiet place to meditate such as your bedroom.

  • Use wall sconces to illuminate the bedroom without taking up valuable space on the floor or on tables, as is the case with floor and table lamps.

  • Position the lights so that the room appears larger than it actually is, thus, fooling the eye. Track lighting on the ceiling, for example, is a better option than a single incandescent lamp.

  • Allow natural light to filter into the bedroom via large windows. Besides, large windows also bring the outside into the inside, thus, making the room feel larger.

Double Duty Furniture

Many of the small bedroom ideas suggested by professional interior decorators are based on double duty for the furniture. Look around your bedroom and determine which furniture can do double duty -the bed, tables, and chairs, perhaps even the folding ironing board. Examples include:

  • Frame the bed with customized cubbies so that the headboard has open shelves and closed cabinets for display and storage.

  • Chairs can be used for storage while trunks can be used as tables.

Savvy Storage Solutions

Yet another of the best small bedroom ideas involves maximizing spaces for storage. Think of savvy storage solutions like:

  • Under the stairs and on the stairs

  • Under the bed with drawers

  • On the head board

  • Under the chairs

  • Over the bed via floating closed shelves

  • On the wall with the floating shelves within your easy reach (Tip: Use a floating nightstand instead of a bedside table)

Ask an interior decorator or a woodworker for more ideas on small bedroom design ideas where storage is concerned.

Bold Colors for Pop

The walls in the bedroom can make the room appear smaller or larger by the choice of colors and patterns in the paint, wallpaper and stickers.

A few small bedroom decorating ideas using color - truly, more affordable than buying new furniture, furnishings and fixtures:

  • Use bold colors like reds for impact. Just be careful about choosing the right hue with your choice largely affected by the age and personal preferences of the occupant.

  • Use lighter hues instead of dark shades; too dark and the room will appear smaller.

  • Use bold and bright colors to display treasured items since these can immediately catch the eyes.

Of all the small bedroom decorating ideas, controlling the clutter is one of the most important tips. Keep in mind that, when a room has too much furniture, furnishings and fixtures, it will appear smaller for obvious reasons.

  • Be a minimalist when choosing furniture - sleek yet stylish is the way to go.

  • Ensure that the bedroom is clean, organized and orderly so that the eyes are fooled into thinking that indeed the room is spacious.

Which of these ways on how to decorate a small bedroom is your choice? Perhaps you can consider everything!