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Enjoy Great Sleep with Hotel Down Comforters

Invest in Luxury Down Comforters

One of the best investments for your health is a luxury down comforter from Pacific Coast® Bedding for good reasons. Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep lasting from 6 to 8 hours is a must for the maintenance of good physical and mental health.


Benefits of a Luxury Comforter

The best down comforters from Pacific Coast® have many desirable qualities that contribute to your good night’s sleep.


Soft and light

The softness and lightness of a luxurious down comforter is akin to sleeping on clouds, as you can experience for yourself after a single night of use. You will also love the way that a luxury down comforter conforms and moves with your body!



Being a natural product, the down used in Pacific Coast® down comforters are breathable, too. Unlike a synthetic comforter that traps the heat in, a down comforter allows for movement of air. This means that down will adjust to your body heat, keeping warmer or cooler as needed.



Virtually no other material known to man can equal the superior level of warmth provided by down. This is because down has contiguous clusters of interlocking filaments that make for the best insulation possible especially during the cold nights of autumn and winter.



The best luxury down comforter from Pacific Coast® is also hypoallergenic, thus, making it the best choice for kids and adults with known allergies. Even when you have no known allergies, using a down comforter will still redound to your benefit. Most important, a Pacific Coast® down comforter will last for several years to come. Becase of the unbeatable quality from more than 125 years of crafting down comforters, it's designed to last. In addition, down comforters can be cleaned and will hold their shape even after several washings. Now that’s what we call the best value for your money!

Shop Luxury Comforters

Here are the four most popular luxury down comforters available from Pacific Coast® Bedding.

Deluxe Oversized Comforters

The oversized comforter is filled with soft, light and fluffy 600-fill hypoallergenic white goose down that will drape over your bed, thus, providing for maximum comfort and warmth at night. Its 500-thread count 100% cotton cover is as soft as the down filling itself. Shop now.

Lunesse™ Comforters

The 370-thread count Batiste cotton coupled with the exceptionally light, fluffy and soft 600-fill white goose down filling on the Lunesse down comforter results in the most luxurious feel on your body ever! You will thoroughly enjoy the warmth of down without the clamminess and weight over your body so much so that getting up in the morning can be hard – you just want to stay in bed and savor the cozy warmth! Shop now.

SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforters

Level up in your sleep with the 500-thread count 100% cotton and 600-fill white goose down in baffled walls and high-loft tufted corners of the SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter. Sleeping through the cold and cool nights is easy with it as your cover. Shop now.

Ultimate Extra Warmth Comforters

With its True Baffle Box construction that allows the down to fully loft without shifting, the Ultimate Extra Warmth Comforter provides extra coverage for your body. It will conveniently drape over your bed so you and your partner will not worry about the other one getting cold from lack of coverage. Shop now.


Truly, your investment in luxury down comforter from Pacific Coast® Bedding is the first step toward a good night’ sleep so check out all our comforters.