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Secrets to Caring for Your Luxury Bedding

Secrets to Reviving your Pacific Coast® Bedding

Picture it: Your bed, a cozy sanctuary of sleep. Pillows were full and plump. Your comforter was a fluffy cloudlike cover on your bed. You looked forward to the end of the day when you could cuddle up for the most relaxing night's sleep.


Sounds like a few years ago when your bedding was brand new. Ah, those were the days.


Today, those wonderful products you remember may have lost its luster and require a bit more fluffing than before but still it doesn't feel the same. You may even start to think you got a defective product. You are not alone. It's inevitable that with normal everyday sleeping your down pillows and down comforters will need to be washed. That can be a daunting task. The actual process of washing and drying a couple pillows or a king size comforter requires a full day commitment.


Yes, you heard right, a full day! That's because during the washing cycle the down absorbs the water. The excess water needs to be removed with an extra spin cycle. In addition, down and feather needs to be dried completely on a low setting, taking at least 6 hours.


Sure, you can cut corners; skip the extra spin cycle and dry on medium or high heat but that will cause the natural down and feather fill to break down quicker which means you'll have to replace your luxury bedding sooner.

Here are a few secrets to caring for your bedding:

  • Put a damp washcloth, a clean tennis ball and your pillows in the dryer on fluff for 45-60 minutes. This gets air circulating around the fill and the tennis ball "fluffs" the pillow like if you were to repeatedly punch your pillow for an hour straight. Your pillow should fluff up nicely and get any loose down out.
  • Same technique for a down comforter or blanket, minus the tennis ball.
  • Buy a new zip cotton cover and shrink it. Sounds crazy, but by shrinking it we mean putting a pillow in a smaller protector, which instantly makes your pillow feel plumper.

Signs it may be time to wash your bedding:

If you've tried the tricks listed above and you are experiencing:

  • A flat pillow that doesn't come back like it use to with normal fluffing.
  • A dull limp comforter or blanket even when shaken.
  • More down escaping through the stitching than normal. Down is everywhere - floating around your bedroom, in your hair, on your clothes and your cat's eyelashes and fur. (This really happened to me!)


Then it's time to take on the task of washing your bedding. We've compiled a complete and detailed guide by product for how to care for your down and feather bedding.


Still not sure about the next step or have run into a problem? Contact our knowledgeable Consumer Response Team and they can answer your questions or concerns about washing your Pacific Coast® Bedding.