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Blankets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and can be made from a variety of different materials. if you’re looking for the best blanket that can transform restless nights into nights of endless comfort, you’ve come to the right place. Pacific Coast® blankets are expertly crafted to give you that luxurious sleep you’ve always wanted. But first, here are the basics about blankets.


Down Blankets Versatility

Typically, blankets are used on your bed, but you can also use them while lounging around on your sofa, making a pillow and blanket fort or wrapping yourself up to stay warm at your kid's soccer game. Anytime you need to keep warm, night or day, a blanket and throw (a smaller-sized blanket) can do the trick.

Blanket Sizes

When you are choosing a blanket, you have many different options. First figure out what size is going to suit your needs and fit your bed. Is it just for personal lounging or is it for your bed? Twin sized blankets are perfect for kids or anyone who sleeps in a twin bed. Full, queen and king sized blankets fit for the same size mattress. If you want your blanket to have a longer hang over the mattress, get one size larger than your mattress size.

Blanket Fabrics

Now that you have an understanding for the different sizes, the next step is to find the perfect fabric that meets your needs. If you have allergies to wool or natural fills, in some cases, this may be problematic and a blanket with synthetic fibers may be more suitable.

  • Fleece: You can usually tell fleece apart from the rest due to its thick and warm qualities. It is usually made out of cotton, but you can find them in wool and silk as well for that luxurious factor.
  • Wool: You know you have a woolen fabric because of the thick and dense texture with the soft feel. Surprisingly a warm and comfortable fabric for those winter nights.
  • Chenille: Chenille fabric would be your most noticeable fabric, as it can appear iridescent even though the fibers aren't iridescent. It is soft and will look different in one direction compared to another.
  • Cotton: Cotton would be your most commonly used fabric when making any kind of bedroom linens.
  • Cashmere: Is one of the softest and the most luxurious fabrics to the touch, really great for those cold nights, where you just want to snuggle up.
  • Down: Down is usually a made into a comforter which is perfect for all year round use. It has qualities to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the warmer months.

After you have picked out the size and the fabric, all there is left for you is to go purchase your blanket. Although blankets are meant to be tucked into the mattress, you can use them to drape off the sides of your bed. Also be sure to buy a blanket that matches the rest of your bedroom decor. Even if it’s not be seen by all it should still match the colors of your bedroom.

The Quality of a Pacific Coast® Blanket

Pacific Coast® has been making blankets and down bedding since 1884. Our products are made in the USA using the best imported materials to provide you with ultimate comfort.

Each blanket and down throw we produce is made with premium imported down which has gone through a rigorous cleaning process to ensure that dust, bacteria, and other allergens are removed before stuffing them in a specially woven 100% cotton fabric that is “leak” proof.

If you live where it's sunny and warm or like to have a warmer temperature where you sleep, our blankets are designed to give you just the exact amount of warmth to keep you comfortable in warm climates.

We are so sure that you’ll love our down blankets and down throws that we offer a 30 night comfort guarantee and a multi-year warranty. After trying one of our blankets or throws, you’ll never look for another blanket again. Read our reviews and see what our customers are saying.

Down Blanket Queen Size Best Option

Not all blankets are the same, nor are they meant to be that way. This is why Pacific Coast® blankets come in several style, color, and size options. Created to suit your every need, you’ll surely find a blanket or throw that matches your need for comfort and sense of style. The queen size is the most versatile for on your bed, or snuggling on the couch.

Sized for “tuckability”, our blankets come in the perfect size for maximum comfort and warmth you won’t find anywhere else. No matter how big or small your bed is or what your bedroom’s color or motif is, you can find a Pacific Coast® down blanket or down throw that’s perfect for you.