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The Best Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep


What are the Best Pillows?


Are you searching for the best pillows to help you sleep better at night? Look no further because Pacific Coast® offers a wide range of pillows to suit your bedtime needs. Pacific Coast® has been a trusted name when it comes to feather and down beddings for over 125 years now, and their line of pillows live up to the company’s excellent reputation. Covered with 100% cotton, Pacific Coast® pillows can give you the most restful sleep you’ve ever had. You can choose from a variety of pillows that come with a 5-year warranty and 30 night comfort guarantee.


Best Down Pillows

Get the most comfortable and most luxurious sleep with Pacific Coast® white goose down pillow. Our fluffy goose down pillows come in a variety of sizes and firmness, and are covered in 230-680 thread count 100% cotton fabric for maximum comfort and durability.


Our 300-500 thread count 100% cotton down-filled pillows are the most popular among the Pacific Coast® line of pillows. Our signature Hyperclean® process of cleaning our down and feathers removes dust and other allergens from the pillow, while the Barrier Weave® fabric ensures that the down and feathers stay where they’re supposed to be inside the pillow. This combination guarantees a good night’s sleep every night.


Best Body Pillows

When standard-sized pillows are not enough, the Pacific Coast® line of body pillows gives side-sleepers and pregnant women the extra support and comfort they need when placed between the knees. Pacific Coast® uses special Euro feathers to keep it fluffy longer than any other pillow you can find, making the Pacific Coast® body pillow the best pillow for those who can’t sleep without a cuddly pillow to hug at night.


Best Pillows for Hypoallergenic

Say goodbye to the sniffles with hypoallergenic pillows by Pacific Coast®. If you’re worried about dust mites and allergens causing allergic reactions while you sleep, the Pacific Coast® hypoallergenic pillow is the best pillow for you. Made out of Hyperclean® down and 300 thread count 100% cotton AllerRest® fabric, our hypoallergenic pillows lets you sleep soundly through the night.


Best Firm Down Pillows

Waking up with a stiff neck almost every day is no laughing matter. Forget foam pillows that provide support, but are hard to sleep on. What you need is a Pacific Coast® firm down pillow. Pacific Coast® pillows come in three levels of firmness. If you’re looking for maximum neck support and luxurious comfort while sleeping, choose Pacific Coast® firm down pillows.


Best Hotel Pillows

You don’t need to get a hotel room to experience restful sleep. You can bring the comfortable and relaxing softness of hotel pillows to your very own bedroom with the Pacific Coast® line of pillows. Made out of the finest down and feathers covered in 230 thread count 100% cotton fabric, you can experience the perks of hotel living at home every day.

Pillows are an integral part of getting a great night’s sleep. With so many pillows to choose from, you’re sure to find the best pillow that suits your sleeping requirements here at Pacific Coast®.