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Fluffy Featherbeds

FeatherbedFeatherbeds and a Good Nights Sleep

Create a softer, more comfortable mattress with a featherbed from Pacific Coast® Bedding. Featherbeds are made with high quality duck and goose feathers that cushion your body's pressure points like you shoulders, back and hips. With greater support to these important areas of your body a Pacific Coast® featherbed will improve the way you sleep.

A Featherbed will Add Support to Your Mattress

Every Pacific Coast® featherbed is uniquely designed. The fabric needs to be ultra “feather” proof. A hardier and very tightly woven fabric is needed to keep the feather quills from poking through. Since a featherbed usually goes in a cover and the covered product goes under a fitted sheet a more fabric a study fabric is used. Some featherbeds have an extra layer of down to make it more cushioned.


There are two types of construction, baffle channel and baffle box. For example, our Euro Rest® featherbed is made with a channel design, which uses a three-dimensional fabric wall that allows maximum support and even distribution of down feathers throughout each channel. The Pacific Coast® Lumbar featherbed includes 33 percent more Hyperclean® down feathers in the middle chamber for enhanced lumbar support. When you add a Pacific Coast® featherbed to your mattress, it will feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.