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How To Care For Down Bedding

When it comes to bedding, Down filling is considered the epitome of luxury bedding products. For many, it’s a long term investment to achieve adequate sleep. Therefore, you’ll need to clean your products to maintain the quality and integrity of the fabric and filling.

When the time comes to clean your Down bedding products, dry cleaning is an option – but not a must. You can easily wash and dry your down comforters, pillows, and blankets safely at home.


* Always follow the fabric care instructions on the label.

One of the best attributes of Natural Down filling is it can be washed over and over. Laundering your Down bedding reinvigorates the bedding product’s fluffiness. Down bedding products should be cleaned at 140F (60C) or at 104F (40C) with a non-chlorine bleach-based laundry detergent to kill any germs and bacteria.


Down and Feather Pillows will typically fit into any washing machine. We recommend washing two at a time to keep your washer balanced. Dry on the warmest setting possible according to the fabric care instructions. It may take multiple cycles to get the pillows completely dry; feel free to add a couple of tennis balls to speed up the drying time and add extra fluff.


Down comforters and blankets should be washed with hot water and detergent. Dry on the warmest cycle possible according to the fabric care instructions on the label. Add 2 or 3 tennis balls for extra fluffiness. If you experience any clumping or odor, that means it’s not completely dry and needs to go through another drying cycle.

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You can also add another layer of protection with pillow protectors and duvet covers; both can be washed frequently with hot water and chlorine bleach.


Featherbeds are too large to fit into washing machines. They must be spot cleaned with a cleaning solution. A featherbed protector should always be used to protect and preserve your featherbed. Along with your mattress, it can also benefit from being sprayed with one of the numerous fabric disinfectant sprays on the market.