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Sleep Soundly on a Pacific Coast® Featherbed

Nothing says luxurious comfort better than sleeping on a Pacific Coast® featherbed. Sleeping on a regular mattress can be the reason why you’re not getting restful sleep at night. Having an extra layer made out of soft and fluffy feathers on top of your existing mattress can make you feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds. Once you’ve slept on it, you’ll never go back to sleeping on an ordinary mattress ever again.


Pacific Coast® has built its name on producing the best and most luxurious bedding, and that tradition continues to this day. Each Pacific Coast® featherbed is made in the USA with the highest quality imported goose or duck feathers encased in a 100% high thread count cotton fabric for the best sleep, most luxurious sleep you’ve ever had.


Bare mattresses can be a pain to sleep on – literally and figuratively, which is why adding an extra layer of soft and comfortable support can help you wake up to pain-free mornings. If your mattress is the reason why you’re not sleeping well at night, Pacific Coast® has the perfect solution for you. This fluffy support layer cradles your shoulders, back, and hips in the right position for a more restful night’s sleep.


If you’re looking for a featherbed that will suit your personal needs, Pacific Coast® has a whole collection for you to choose from. Select from a number of support designs, styles, and sizes to fit not only your bed, but your sleeping habits as well. Dress them up with Pacific Coast® sheets and linens for maximum comfort and a touch of style.


Allergies should not stop you from getting the same luxurious comfort as everyone else. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our products are allergy-free. Our duck and goose feathers are washed up to eight times to remove as much dust and allergens as possible before stuffing them in a specially woven fabric that prevents the feathers from leaking out. Each featherbed we produce comes with an allergy-free warranty, so you can be sure you’ll be sleeping like a baby through the night.


With Pacific Coast®, you won’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse. We guarantee that you will feel the comfort and luxury Pacific Coast® is known for on the very first night you sleep on one of our mattress toppers. Our products come with a multi-year warranty and a 30-day comfort guarantee for an anxiety-free shopping experience. If you’re not satisfied with our products after trying them for 30 days, you’ll get your money back. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been this simple.


With featherbeds made by Pacific Coast®, you’ll never have to wake up in the morning feeling tired and in pain again. Transform your plain, uncomfortable mattress into a bed that feels like you’re sleeping on air with a luxurious Pacific Coast® featherbed.