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Top Pinterest Boards for Bedroom Design

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Pinterest is a design haven and a wonderful place to get inspiration. Here are some of our favorite bedroom design boards, split into three categories: Classic & Contemporary, Eclectic & Colorful, and Just for Kids. Be sure to sign in to Pinterest before clicking the links below.


Classic & Contemporary

  1. Tanya’s Bedrooms board has a clean, modern, rural feel. We especially love the ideas for comforter covers and throw pillows.
  2. Kelsey’s Bedroom Décor is full of rustic-chic design. From bunk-beds and exposed beams to romantic canopies, this board is full of inspiration.
  3. Bedroom Ideas by Lindsey has wonderful projects inspired by nature and with a contemporary feel.
  4. Kirby’s Bedroom Ideas board is full of eye-catching contrast and vibrant colors.
  5. Amy's Bedroom Ideas board gives us gorgeous chandeliers, intricately carved headboards, and refreshingly unique art pieces.
  6. Beverly’s Bedroom ideas board is full of clean lines and modern elegance. These are inviting bedrooms we could spend all weekend in.
  7. Sharla provides useful color samples, great DIY ideas, and plenty of applicable tips and tricks to make your bedroom truly unique and special.


Eclectic & Colorful

  1. Jill’s {bedroom décor} board is full of life. With vibrant wallpaper and designer throw pillows, these bedrooms make us want to stay in bed all day.
  2. Katie brings quirky, fun lighting fixtures to the design forum, as well as organization ideas that make us want to hop to it.
  3. This board called Bedroom Beauties is just that. Each pin is selected for its color palette and distinctive feel. The range of ideas means you’re sure to find your dream bedroom within these posts.
  4. Ocean Themed Décor may sound incredibly specific, but Kathy gives a plethora of fun and innovative ideas, from sea glass flowers to gorgeous paint hues.
  5. Carolina’s Bedroom Ideas board is full of DIY creativity. We never thought to create a side table from an old record, but the result looks very cool indeed!
  6. Robyn’s Bedroom Ideas board brings organization, vintage style, and plenty of pink to the table, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.
  7. Yellow and grey is in, and Wendi shows us all the possibilities of her favorite color combination.
  8. Reyna’s bedroom ideas board combines country chic, twists on classic white design, and smart solutions for small spaces.
  9. This Bedroom Ideas board is for those of you who love storybook romance, artistic DIYs, and quirky, fun design. Well done, Mimi!


Just for Kids

  1. This boys’ bedroom décor board has some exciting design ideas to make your son’s room truly unique and very fun.
  2. Rita’s Bedroom Ideas board provides us with so many imaginative designs, it’s hard to choose a favorite. For every sized bedroom, this board shows infinite possibilities.
  3. From color samples to complete design layouts, these Bedroom ideas by Carey are coordinated, playful, and surprisingly easy to pull off.


We hope you enjoyed our favorite bedroom design boards from Pinterest. Happy pinning!