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Dorm Decor: From Grey Cube to Vibrant Room

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Why just exist in your dorm room when you can thrive in it? Transform your dull dorm room from a grey cube into a vibrant room!

Your dorm room is your space. Keep in mind that you will likely be assigned your dorm room for at least your first year, if not your 4-years of university education. You will spend at least 8 hours a day in it sleeping, studying and/or lounging. Transforming this space into your oasis away will help you sleep better, study smarter and have a positive influence over your college years. Read more on how to turn your dorm room into your own personal space. After all, college just may be the best four years of your life.

Preparing for Dorm Room Décor Project

Before you even start shopping, it's helpful to explore dorm room design ideas. Putting up a few posters on the walls, changing the bed sheets, and adding a table-and-chair set, is only part of creating your oasis. Spend some time pondering what your style is and what items, colors and themes will put you in the mood to sleep better and study harder. Some questions to think about: how do you want to feel when you walk into your room, are you an early bird or late-night owl?

Given that you will be living in a dorm, it's important to take into consideration any rules or regulations. For example, taking your dorm room wall phone and hanging it on your front door to make it look like an old-fashioned phone-booth, may not fly with your hall monitor, even though you think it looks cool. Consider your roommate and their style. Your first steps is to discuss your dorm room decoration ideas with your roommate and to review the rules about the matter with the concerned authorities - or just consult the rule book.

You should also consider other important matters, such as:

  • Your personal preferences including colors, patterns and styles that will be incorporated into your choice of dorm room bedding, furniture and furnishings, and decorations

  • Your available space to account for your requirements in storage and living areas (e.g., study area)

  • Your lifestyle, such as the types of activities you will actually do while in the dorm room (e.g., sleeping and studying more than entertaining friends)

Be sure to de-clutter your dorm room as well - or at least, the side of the room assigned to you. The cleaner your area, the better your beautiful and functional dorm room decoration items can come to life.

Choosing Your Dorm Room Decor Design

With these few things in mind, you will then have an easier time choosing from among a wide range of dorm room décor ideas. As for your dorm room bedding, which, in our opinions with the most important aspect of your dorm room, here are a few fantastic ideas to consider:.

Dorm DecorAfter
  • Make your bedding as luxurious as possible with down and feather bedding in your preferred colors and patterns. In fact, you can go crazy on the bedding while keeping the rest of the dorm room décor in solid colors, thus, achieving a modern yet stylish effect. Add colorful pillows into the mix.

  • Go for modular furniture. Examples include a couch with an L-shape, a corner table in a semi-triangle style, a sofa bed, and a bean bag chair.

  • Avoid hanging posters of rock bands, athletic teams, and the like on your walls. You are a college student, not a high school student! Better choices would be interesting wall hangings or works of art.

  • Use lighting to create your desired mood. Lamps are great ideas.

  • Add rugs on the floor, too.

The bottom line: It's your dorm room, make it your own personal oasis!