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Inexpensive Ways to Pamper Your Loved One on Valentine's Day

Inexpensive Gifts for Valentine’s Day


We’ve all heard the saying that some of the best presents come in small packages, but you know what? Some of the best gifts can also be free, or at least fairly inexpensive. Read on for some thoughtful gift ideas for your special someone that will be cherished without breaking the bank.

Finish that DIY Project

If there’s something around the house that you’ve been meaning to get done for your loved one, like reorganizing her closet or putting in a set of shelves for him, why not finish it up in time for Valentine’s Day? Not only will the project be off your To-Do list, but you’ll have a gift that will truly be treasured. Win-win!

Redo the Bedroom

Sometimes we forget just how important it can be to have a bedroom that is a great place to escape to. If your bedroom needs a little TLC in the decorating department, think about redecorating it as a Valentine’s Day surprise. Perhaps a new down comforter, some new linens, and a matching rug or curtains are just what it needs. You could also try changing out the light bulbs in favor of some softer LED bulbs for optimal mood lighting.

Set Some Time Aside

Life can be fast-paced and full of so many distractions, chores, and must-dos that our loved ones often don’t get as much time with us as they deserve. If you’ve had problems penciling in some one on one time with your sweetheart, maybe you just need to take Valentine’s off and spend it together. Take that personal day you’ve been saving up and have a pleasant day together. Perhaps breakfast in bed, a walk somewhere nice, and a matinee of your favorite romantic comedy.

Make Your Own Sweets

Give your sweetie the gift of sweets. In fact, go one step further and make them yourself. Try your hand at making chocolate covered strawberries, or easy-to-bake chocolate heart peanut butter cookies. Wrap them in a decorative box with a pretty red bow and a special note tucked inside for a charming and delicious gift.

Create a Specialized Playlist

For a gift that will hit all the right notes, how about a mix CD? Take some time to think back on your relationship and pick songs that represent some of the most important and memorable moments you’ve spent together, then collect them all on a playlist. Better yet, turn on the playlist as the background music at a romantic candlelit dinner you’ve cooked. When dinner’s over, you can dance the night away.

Turn Your Home into a Spa for the Night

For the ultimate in indulgences, nothing can beat a day at the spa, but that can also cost a pretty penny. Instead of buying a pricey gift certificate, why not turn your own home into a luxurious spa for a day? Gather together supplies for a bubble bath, a massage, a facial, a pedicure, or whatever spa treatments your loved one would enjoy. Perhaps even better than saving money, creating a spa at home is the perfect excuse to spend the day together.