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Did you know that feather beds were reserved for the rich individuals during the 14th century? Nowadays, everybody can purchase a featherbed for their own sleeping comfort and if there is a feather bed, then there must be a feather bed cover!

Feather Bed Covers Protect on Top of Softness

A featherbed is a type of bedding placed on top of a mattress to make the entire bed so much softer without compromising on sufficient support for the body. Think of it as adding a layer of soft clouds —feathers and down are the softest materials for bedding material — that wraps around your body while you sleep. Just be sure to fluff it on a regular basis to maintain even distribution among the feathers.


Even feather beds require protection from the entry of dust, dirt and grime into its inner chambers especially when these bed linens are used by individuals susceptible to allergens like dust mites. This is where feather bed covers come in to the rescue! Basically, a feather bed cover is just that – it provides additional cover for the feather bed aside from its original cover. This results in little to no entry for dust, dirt and dust mites into the chambers of the feather bed and, hence, lesser risks for allergen-related illnesses like asthma. That’s not all either. A feather bed can be a hassle cleaning because of its bulk but with a special cover. The cover can be washed and the feather bed dry cleaned.


The bottom line: You will be washing the feather bed with lesser frequency and enjoying your sleeping times in a better manner. Your investment in feather bed covers is, indeed, one of the best you will ever make for your bedrooms! What makes the Pacific Coast® feather bed cover such a great value for money purchase? Let’s take a look at its three main qualities.

Featherbed Covers High Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of thread woven together. The warp and weft in a square inch of fabric is woven such that in a higher the thread count, fabric be the softer and finer and feel great against the skin. A Pacific Coast® cover for feather beds has a 300 thread count. This thread count is certainly one of the highest in the industry that translates to a more luxurious experience for you.

You will also love the 100% cotton and special zipper closure for full encasement provided by the Pacific Coast® feather bed cover. Dust mites, among other allergens, will have a difficult time penetrating the feather bed underneath the protector.

Hypoallergenic Fabric

Pacific Coast® also prides itself on its AllerRest® Fabric, an all-natural pesticide-free fabric that has been proven effective against the entry of allergens. If you have asthma, among other allergen-related illnesses, then this is the feather bed protector for you and your family.

Feather Bed Covers Made with Down Proof Fabric

But the benefits do not stop there! The Pacific Coast feather bed cover has down proof fabric that guarantees air circulation while still preventing its threads from thinning out and its down from falling out prematurely.

Protect with a Featherbed Cover

Shop our selection of feather bed covers and start looking forward to bed time!