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A Down Body Pillow Comforts

Enjoy unbelievable softness and comfort when you wrap your arms around a body pillow from Pacific Coast®. Designed to be the cuddliest pillow ever. Each body pillow features special Pacific Coast® Resilia feathers that deliver plump volume and cushion your body. Constructed with a velvety soft cover and gusseted edges, you'll find Pacific Coast® down body pillows so plush and comfortable, you'll never want to let them go. Whether used between your legs or between your arms or prop your back up while you read, The Pacific Coast® Body Pillow will be the best pillow for the job.


Down Full Body Pillow Delivers Everlasting Support

Pacific Coast® Luxury Bedding designed these down body pillows as everyday pillows. This pillow is longer than it is wider it also is a perfect pillow for expecting mothers. Perfect for side sleepers, a down body pillow supports the stomach when placed between the knees, relieving pressure from the spine, back and hips. Curl up with huggable, soft down body pillows and let your dreams take you away.


Customers Give Body Pillows 5 Stars

Customer Alex from New York says: A must have!


"I love this I eventually bought two! My husband used it between his legs when his back was hurting many times, then I stole it from him when I was pregnant (better than all the ridiculous pregnancy pillows out there!). He was missing his pillow so I bought a second one- now we each have our own. It never loses it shape, just needs to be fluffed up every now and then. Soft +cuddly!"



Customer rhuckabee from Texas says: Just the right amount of filling!


I have looked for the perfect fill in a pillow that didn't make your neck get stiff from being up too high and I found it in this pillow!!! I am so satisfied that I bought 4!! It has just the right amount of filling so that your head is supported and you can snuggle in and be comfortable. I have had body pillows that I have had to cut open and take feathers out but not with this one. It is PERFECT!!



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